An editorial I did in Oslo earlier this fall is featured in NeverLazy magazine's winter 2014 issue which is finally out! So nice to see my images in such a good magazine, really excited :) See the issue and the editorial here!

Stylist: Kristian stvik
Makeup and hair: Samantha Hutchings and Jessica Hutchings
Models: Laura-Giselle Hardie and Katie Louise Turner
Assistants: Maria Stavang and Penelope Freeman
Here is a video I have made for one of my recent photography projects. I also did a still-image editorial which I am more happy with to be completely honest, but I will not yet be able to post those online. Deadline day is coming up (next Monday) but I am almost done with everything so feeling quite prepared! Will be posting about something exciting that happened today later!

I got to shoot the work of two very talented artists the other day; clothing designer Sanna and jewelry designer Margot behind the brand HaiDesign. I borrowed elements from one of my other projects on this shoot to connect them, as the jewelry is being used in both. I am so excited to post my images from the other projects I have been working on for so long but have to wait a bit longer. Getting up at 7 tomorrow for another fun shoot, so got to sleep now. Will try my best to do some more updates soon as I have been really bad lately. Less than two weeks left in England before going home for christmas now!

I'm working on a new and fun project with a makeup artist right now, which involves re-creating different characters from old playing cards in a contemporary way. Here are some images from a little test shoot we did the other day, playing around with ideas of poses, lighting and styling. Fun!

This is from a test for one of my current projects. I am working with mirrors and other reflective objects and so far it has been really good! Hope the final result turns out amazing.

Got creative in Photoshop the other day and turned Laura into stone.

Had my first proper test shoot for one of my projects the other day, with the beautiful Patricia and the rest of my nice and talented team!

Some more images of beautiful Tabitha in her apartment from last week.

I am in the planning and testing phase of my projects right now, which is in one way one of the most fun and exciting parts and in another one of the most insecure and scary ones. I am building the foundation of my work for this term, and though I am focused on doing as well as I can now I can not really know how things will turn out until I have tried. My ideas for these projects are a bit different, and if I make it work I think the results could be awesome. If they don't work out though, I will have to start over on something else which is part of the process but often feels like a step backwards. Anyways, right now my focus is on the first shoots and I am excited to get started, already have a team with me consisting of a model, two makeup artists, one stylist and one assistant. All super nice and talented people so this should be good. I always keep my tests and shoots to myself in the beginning of the process but I will put up some behind the scenes material here as a little sneak peek, once I've started shooting in a few days. The image above is by Ivan Bideac by the way and I love it so much. I even put it up on my little inspiration board on my wall (have re-decorated my room and put up some inspo, will show some pictures of that later).

Here are some behind the scenes images from a recent shoot I did with the talented designer Karolina Kamola. Today I got an email from a magazine I submitted the images to a few days ago and they want to feature them in their next issue, yay! Therefore I unfortunately can not post the images anywhere as they can't be shown until the magazine issue is out in December. So here is a little sneak peek of it!

It's not long until I'll be on my way to England again now. I'm starting my third and last year on Commercial Photography at The Arts University Bournemouth. I see this as an extremely important year for me as this will determine what happens next for me. We will be doing mostly practical projects like we normally do, which means that we will be planning, executing and presenting photography/video projects. In my case this means different fashion editorials with different concepts, stories and themes.

When I started at AUB two years ago I didn't really know my own style professionally. I had done a lot of shoots and also some video, which was what got me into the university. But during our first projects it was all experimentation. I would say that the first 1,5 years was just testing, developing and more testing. After last christmas something had happened. My next projects suddenly felt like 'me', like I actually knew what I wanted and what I was doing. I was not just playing around, but actually building my own style and my own brand. And that is where I am right now. I still have a long way to go, I need to polish both my technical skills and make my visual voice stand out more, be more interesting and even more 'me'. But it is really nice to feel that I have developed from where I was two years ago and gotten better at what I love to do.

I thought it would be fun to look through some of my old work, so I went back to my old folders and found some work I did the year before I started uni. This was what I used to apply and get into my course. Comparing it to my newest work is fun as I feel like I can see 'me' in it all but in very different ways. Here it goes...

First some old work. These were all done during the year before I started uni, about three years ago:

And then here is some of my new work, from 2014:

Looking at this I see some of the same use of colour and expressions amongst other things. There's still a lot of room for improvements in the last set though and I am really excited to challenge myself even more this coming year!

Got some work featured in the September issue of Dreamingless magazine! Also got my images on the front and back cover which is so much fun. See the whole magazine HERE and the whole editorials HERE and HERE.

We hide our faces of consumerism. Show me yours and I'll show you mine

As a photographer I do a lot of different jobs. Fashion is my main passion but I also really enjoy some portrait and event jobs once in a while. The other day I did some images for a journalist here in Oslo, to be used on his new website. Our location for the day was the Norwegian Opera, and it was such a wonderful, sunny day.

Seem to have got really into this self portrait thing now. Here are a few quite different ones.

For me doing self portraits has always been an awkward, unnatural thing. I would never feel comfortable posting a smiling selfie on this blog, showing off my ootd or my new lipstick. I have tried, trust me. But the results have always felt fake and not something I have felt is me.

But as I spend so much time taking pictures of other people I thought I might as well try putting myself in the role of the model, to see what it was like. It was important to me that this would be done in the same style I would use to shoot my normal fashion images. So I started by thinking through what I normally try and get out of the model I am working with. And gave myself the instructions.

After a few shots I actually quite liked what I was getting. So here it is. Pictures of me, by me.

One of my last uni projects from second year is featured in the September issue of Unfolded magazine! This was a collaboration with the super talented and nice textiles designer Tessa and a really nice team consisting of some super sweet MUA's, models and assistants. See the spread HERE!

Did a little shoot with the beautiful model Sabine and talented MUA Natalin in beautiful late-summer Oslo.

One of my projects from earlier this year was recently featured in the online magazine F-WORD! This was a collaboration with super talented and sweet textiles designer Patricia Wu Wu, and the amazing MUA Karen Bradshaw. Check it out HERE!

I have done similar things before HERE(AliceStannardsShootLink), HERE (GihanSaadShootLink) and HERE (VianneNguyenShootLink) but I still haven't done a shoot with the model(s) surrounded by plants like palm trees and cactuses. So that is what I want to do next.

Later this summer I really want to do a super clean and minimalistic shoot consisting of only three colours; white, black and baby blue. The location I am planning on using is the Norwegian opera house, as it has the perfect aesthetic to match these ideas. I want to style it myself, maybe with some help, and use both pieces made by designers I know and some from shops like COS and Zara. I am really looking forward to this one and will hopefully be able to shoot some video aswell!

This collection is made by another student from the fashion design uni Esmod, Vianne Nguyen. I love the clean silhuette of her pieces combined with unexpected twists like the long back of one of the skirts and the interesting cuts of her jackets and the dresses with the long extended threads adding that little extra. Once again I did a little video which I really enjoyed as usual. This shoot was particularly fun because the gorgeous model Shirin is also one of my closest friends!

This is something I've really wanted to do this summer; a shoot with twins - or two quite similar girls styled in the exact same way. I am planning on doing this for a shoot in August of a gorgeous collection made by a graduate Esmod student, and I really hope it will happen!

This amazing final collection is made by Gihan Saad from Esmod (fashion design uni). We did the shoot on an amazing location here in Oslo on an incredibly hot and sunny day (felt bad putting so much clothing on the poor model, it was nearly 30 degrees and super sunny). I love experimenting with video and have decided to focus more on it now as I want to develop my skills. Being able to do both stills and video is such an important thing for photographers nowadays and it's so much fun!

These are from the fashion/beauty exams I photographed at Imageakademiet Oslo. As this kind of makeup is more related to what I mainly focus on in my work it was a really useful day for me. I was a bit sneaky and payed attention to not only the makeup looks I liked the most but also the students' personalities, which is almost as important when determining which of them I would have liked to work with. I also noticed the models, and whenever I finished shooting with someone I liked I asked for some contact details. I ended up with three makeup artists and two models' details after shooting with 34 different students with one model each. Am I picky? Well, I focused on only choosing the ones I know I would be able to create some good stuff with. I have already worked with one of them a few times and she is amazing. Networking is important, and as I have done most of my work in England so far I am focusing a lot more on finding people to collaborate with here in Oslo at the moment.

These were my favorites from the SFX (theatre/film makeup) exams I photographed. There were about 20 students presenting different ideas, some brilliant and others less exciting. It is incredible to see how almost anything can be created using makeup, and I am truly fascinated by many of the concepts. The theme this year was 'possessed', and each student interpreted this in a different way.

This final collection was shot on the same day as the last one I posted (by Alice Stannard), using the same model. We wanted to create a completely different aesthetics though, to reflect the style of the collection. Love so many of these pieces and really really want them for myself (hehe).

Alice Stannard recently graduated as a fashion designer and this is her final collection. I love her clean but also romantic outfits made out of incredibly delicate and soft fabrics. We had such a fun day shooting this and I love the soft aesthetics of the final images. I did another final collection aswell this day using the same model, but with a completely different look. Will post soon!

A sporty shoot with pastel coloured themes on each outfit is something I have been wanting to do for ages. That's why I jumped straight onto this concept when my friend Camille who just graduated fashion design needed a shoot to style a little while ago. It proved to be more difficult than I had imagined to get all of the clothes needed for this, and some of the items Camille ordered online didn't even arrive in time. We made the best out of it though and put together a shoot that wasn't too bad. Want to try it again some time though, with more colours and a more thought through theme.

My friend Ashlie who is studying fashion design and I had talked about doing a shoot together for quite some time. Then she started planning a shoot she would style for a uni project with the concept 'denim dinosaur' (at least one denim item in each look, and a dinosaur vibe throughout the styling), and asked me to shoot it. We went down to the Beach in Bournemouth on a really windy and sunny day and did this editorial. I think it must be the most windy and also the most sandy shoot I have ever done, but it was so much fun. Hoping (an planning) to do more shoots with Ashlie in the future!

This was a collaborative project with textile designer Tessa Cox. The concept was about industrial machines combined with human bodies, and we wanted to show through these images and video what happens when these are attached. So we focused on movements and layers while still keeping it simple and 'clinical'. I got a first on this project as well as on 'the tea spoon lady' (a 'first' in the UK is the same as an A) which I am obviously really happy with!

This project is based on the fairytale about the tea spoon lady (teskjekjerringa in norwegian) which most scandinavians probably remember from their childhood. Elements like the tea spoon, the mug in the kitchen and the bed are found in the different stories, while the main character has been interpreted in a different way. I chose a more modern, doll-like look for my tea spoon lady, and ditched the traditional colourful clothing for an all-white look. Quite happy with the final result!

Clothes by Camille Bennett /Model Emma Townsend /MUA Samantha Hutchings /Hair Jessica Hutchings

Kjole laget av Hanna Christie /Modell Trine Staver /MUA Svetlana Naumova

Tights and styling by Niqe designs / Model Lucy Rose Bolton

Lekte litt med et bilde fra grsdagens shoot for et nyoppstartet strmpebuksemerke. Hva synes du?

Modell: Therese Fidje / MUA: Samantha Hutchings

Er i gang med nytt prosjekt, og hadde en veldig morsom testshoot i gr! Jobbet med en sminkr jeg ikke har jobbet med tidligere, og hun viste seg vre veldig flink og god samarbeide med. Her er et av bildene, hva synes du?

Just started a new project, and had a super fun test shoot yesterday! Worked with the talented makeup artist Samantha, who I've never worked with before. She proved to be really good and also nice to work with. Here is one of the pictures, what do you think?

Idea, concept, styling and props: Tabitha Babcock / Model: Alex Ray Bagnall / Photography assistant: Jonny Baker / Assistant: Coby Hansen

Tok bilder til en venninnes prosjekt her om dagen. Hun hadde utrolig spennende ideer basert p en bok, og helte bde maling og falskt blod over modellen i tillegg til ha skaffet ekte buffalohorn! Synes det ble veldig kult.

Model: Greta Balandaite

Textile pieces by Patricia Wu Wu / Model Alice Poppington / MUA Karen Bradshaw

Hadde min frste testshoot til et nytt prosjekt for litt siden. Det skal handle om flelser i et vennskapsforhold, og hvor ubalansert det kan vre. Jeg skal lage bde en bildeserie og en film. Denne testen gjorde jeg for ve meg p bruke studiolys p location. Gleder meg til fortsette med dette!

Models: Alice May Poppington, Diane Guerho, Charlotte Tanner and Greta Balandaite/ MUA and hair: Claire Golby, Karen Bradshaw, Natalie Bailey and Alice Nuttall / Assistant Michelle Long

Textile designer Patricia Wu Wu / Model Alice May Poppington / Makeup & hair Karen Bradshaw

Bilder fra min siste shoot. Hva synes du?

Her er noen bilder jeg har tatt for Imageakademiet Oslo, en norsk sminke- og moteskole. Dette var beauty-studentenes eksamen, og temaet var femme fatale. Oppgaven gikk ut p legge sminke samt style hr og klar. Disse fire er mine favoritter!

Here are some images I did for Imageakademiet Oslo, a Norwegian makeup- and fashion college. This was the beauty students' exams, and the theme was femme fatale. Their brief included both makeup, hair and styling. Here are the ones I liked the most!

Alt dette er laget av dennetalentfulle jenta. Var kjempegy jobbe med henne! Er hun ikke utrolig flink?

All of these textile pieces are made by this talented girl. I had so much fun to work with her! Amazingly talented right?

De frste bildene fra en kjempemorsom shoot i gr! Jobbet med en veldig talentfull tekstildesignstudent og en veldig st og flink modell. Hva synes du?

The first images from a super fun shoot I did yesterday! Worked with a really talented textile design student and a really sweet and good model. What do you think?

Hadde en ny testshoot i gr, og ble for vre rlig ikke s fornyd. Derfor har jeg bestemt meg for endre endel p prosjektet mitt, noe som betyr mye mer jobb men forhpentligvis et bedre resultat til slutt. Better get on with it!

Idag tok jeg noen bilder av et ferdig antrekk designet og sydd av Sanna som studerer Fashion Design p samme skole som meg. Bde klrne hennes og modellen er nydelige, s jeg hadde det kjempegy. Jakken var faktisk s fin at jeg spurte om hun kunne lage en til meg ogs.

Here are some more pictures from yesterday's shoot. Any thoughts?

Here's a little sneak peek from today's test shoot!

Lekte litt med redigering i dag. Burde egentlig ha gjort alt annet enn det, ettersom jeg har seks planlagte shoots de neste ukene som jeg br forberede meg til. Har sittet og klippet og limt i sketchbooken min store deler av helgen og i dag, gleder meg til komme igang!

Played around with some retoucing today. That was probably the last thing I should have spent my time on, considering the fact that I have six shoots coming up the next few weeks that I should prepare for. Have been spending big parts of my weekend and today doing sketchbook work, so excited for it all.

Her er noen flere bilder fra testshooten i gr! Stylet opp modellen i mine egne klr, litt morsomt se noen andre i et antrekk jeg vanligvis ville brukt.

Here are some more pictures from yesterday's test shoot! Styled the model in my own clothes, quite funny to see someone else in an outfit I am used to see myself in.

Testet ut noen nye ideer til prosjektet mitt idag. Laura og jeg dro ned til sentrum, og fant en location jeg virkelig er blitt forelsket i, endelig et sted her i England som ikke er s sinnsykt engelsk! Er s utrolig lei av rde murvegger og blondegardiner, s det var utrolig deilig f tatt bilder p en mer minimalistisk HVIT location. Synes det ble ganske bra egentlig! Hva synes du?

Tried out some new ideas for my project today. Laura and I went downtown and found a location I instantly fell in love with, finally a spot here in England that is not so insanely english! So tired of red brick walls and lace curtains, so it was really nice to get the chance to take some pictures in a more minimalistic WHITE location. Actually quite satisfied with them! What do you think?

Tok noen produktbilder av A/bareness-smykkene jeg brukte ved forrige prosjekt, som jeg egentlig synes ble ganske ste. Smykkene er jo helt nydelige, skulle nske jeg kunne beholde alle sammen!

Did some product shots of the A/bareness jewellery pieces I used at the last project, and I think they turned out quite nice. The items are so gorgeous, wish I could keep it all!

Her fr dere se noen av sidene fra sketchbooken jeg lagde til forrige prosjekt / here are some of the pages of the sketchbook I made for our last project

Her er de fire bildene jeg endte opp med levere inn, etter mye om og men og mange vurderinger. For vre helt rlig er ikke disse mine personlige favoritter, men valgt utifra rd fra lrere og med tanke p hva som fungerer best i forhold til min kontekst (reklame). Jeg kommer til legge ut litt flere bilder etterhvert som jeg fr redigert dem.

Here are the four final images I submitted, after considering and evaluationg over and over. Honestly speaking these ones are not my personal favorites, but chosen after advice from turots and because they are the ones that fits the best into the context I am aiming for (advertisement). I will post some more images once I get around to edit them.

sette sammen en sketchbook er en stor del av planleggingen hver gang vi har et nytt fotoprosjekt. Jeg er veldig glad i den delen av prosjektarbeidet, og elsker klippe og lime inn inspirerende bilder og moodboards. N som vi er ferdig med forrige prosjekt er planleggingsfasen til det neste igang, og det blir ny sketchbook med blanke ark.

To put together a sketchbook is a big part of our photography projects. I really love to cut out and stick in inspirational images and create moodboards. Now that we're done with our last project I'm already starting to plan the next one, and getting a new empty sketchbook to fill with new ideas.

Bilder tatt av Rebecca Tate

I dag var siste dag med shoot fr innlevering av prosjektet mitt...hjelp! Jeg hadde med meg en veldig st jente fra frste ret p fotografi p skolen, som assisterte meg under shooten (dvs. holdt blits/reflektor, hentet ting, pakket opp og ned ting osv. i tillegg til ta behind the scenes-bilder mens jeg jobbet). Det er veldig deilig ha en hjelper som kan ordne praktiske ting mens man selv jobber med det kreative, ettersom ting gr utrolig mye lettere da. Jeg hadde ogs med meg sminkr/hrstylisten jeg pleier jobbe med, og min nydelige modell Tabitha. Dagen var litt stressende ettersom det var siste sjanse til f tatt opp alt jeg trenger til innlevering. Jeg tror for vre helt rlig at filmen kommer til bli bedre enn bildene (iallefall i mine yne) men jeg hper sklart bildene blir brukbare ogs! Skal nok prve f til en studioshoot i tillegg til dette mens jeg fortsatt har smykkene, for f mest mulig ut av det og for kunne levere flere bilder til dem (de har jo vrt utrolig hyggelige og lnt meg masse nydelige smykker). Noen av bildene fra shooten kommer senere. Kanskje dere kan hjelpe meg med velge ut de beste!

Model: Laura Fermin

Testet ut litt nye poseringer og nye ideer til redigering. Hva synes du? Snart kommer bilder og film fra the final shoot!