Enjoying the last days of Christmas break, trying to prepare myself to go back to uni. Wee

I've been back in Oslo for about a week now. It is so beautiful, and so damn cold. The city isn't as bad as the rest of the country though.. we're planning on visiting my grandparents tomorrow, and there has been around -20 there lately. -20! I think I've spent too much time in England, as I actually find it freezing when it's -10. Better wrap up.

Anyway, I am actually quite proud right now, as I've just finished the first complete draft from my dissertation. 5113 words, about of them 1500 written over the last week. Even though it IS a real struggle, I am starting to enjoy the writing process a tiny bit. Writing academic English used to be a huge challenge, something that made me nervous and that I didn't like. I just wanted to get it over with. Last year I wrote a 4000 words essay, and I hated it. I didn't like the topic, I wasn't interested in the books I read and just couldn't figure it out. This year however, I am actually finding it really interesting and I honestly enjoy the feeling of writing about a topic that I barely knew anything about a few months ago, knowing that at this point I actually (kind of, to some extent) know that I'm talking about.

What stresses me out though, is that even though I have finished my first draft of my dissertation, I yet have a 2000 words specialist practice report to get started on. Due on the 8th of January. Which is a few days after I arrive back in Bournemouth. Have to start, in other words. Soon.

...but something fun is coming up too, luckily. Some time this week (hopefully on Wednesday) I have a shoot planned. Which I am super excited about. Wooh.

My adventurous models going for a little swim during our test shoot (not really though. they would probably freeze off their toes. Through we did actually see a couple of people in the water that day. CRAZY ENGLISHMEN)

One of the very few things England have that Norway doesn't: palm trees

Shopping for one of my shoots

On set of one of my final shoots. Excited to be able to show some more of this later on!

My stylist Kristian at work

Me shooting

Sneak peek!

Beautiful Diane on a little test shoot with me by the beach

Beautiful Diane again (still by the beach)

From my other final shoot that was yesterday at Durdle Door

My lovely assistant Maria on set yesterday

One of the (very few) nights out I have had during the last few weeks. Feels good to have a little break once in a while but as I don't have time to be hungover at the moment they have to be done quite soberly. Which is completely fine when in such nice company!

(images from my instagram account @odabeide)

OH. MY. GOD. I am so busy. Right now I am supposed to be in bed reading books for my dissertation (=bacheloroppgave p norsk) but I am finally taking some time off to write a post. My friend reminded me of it earlier today (or was it yesterday? my head is spinning) which made me suddenly remember that I have actually got a blog and that I had promised myself to update it often. I actually did, for a while. But then I got busy... I do actually love being busy, especially with photography work as it is what I love to do. But there are always those days when you wake up and would do almost anything to be able to stay in bed for a bit longer. Especially those days when you have slept for about 3 hours a night for a few weeks.

But oh well. I have finished my final shoots for my projects which is kind of a relief but also stressful as I never know whether the results are good enough or not. I feel quite confident, but you never know. When I say I am finished with final shoots you might think that I don't have any more work to do for a little while. Well, that would have been kind of true if it wasn't for the fact that #1 post production takes weeks (not even kidding, I do not only about 700 images for each shoot but also about an hour of video footage. All of this needs to be looked through and the best parts have to be picked out, then retouched, then printed off/uploaded), #2 I still have to read about 10-15 more books for my dissertation and then actually write it (5000 words), #3 as the workoholic I am I have already planned to photograph two different makeup projects, two fashion projects and model for two more projects in the next couple of weeks.

I need to go to bed and read now. Bye.

Things finally seem to come together for my projects, which makes me a bit less stressed than what I have been lately. I have been sick with the flu and in a state of something inbetween overly stressed and insane (my mind) and unconcious (my body). I am finally feeling better physically which helps a lot mentally as I can finally get on with my work and also finally go to the gym again (I'm actually addicted to exercise during stressful periods as it's my way of clearing my mind and staying sane).

Also, my friend Andrea is coming to visit me this coming weekend which is going to be awesome and a nice little break from everything. Yay!

Often when I have shoots and other stuff going on I tend to update my facebook page more frequently as it takes me a lot less time and energy than creating a blog post does. So if you are interested in seeing more images and being updated while I'm 'on the go' feel free to like my Facebook page! (or my instagram account for more personal updates: @odabeide)

Woods and trees are probably some of the things I miss the most about Norway when I'm here in England (well, except from my friends, family and Norwegian chocolate). There is a little 'park/forest' between where I live and the Bournemouth town centre, and that little bit of nature actually gives me so much. Almost like being home for a little bit.

The preparations for one of my test shoots (the image below) included smashing a mirror into pieces. Better hope it doesn't bring me bad luck.

These pancakes must be one of the dishes I eat the most. They are really easy to make, quite healthy and OH SO GOOD.

Got myself some new gym shoes the other day and I love them so much already.

Some more shopping (hehe). Didn't buy the sweater though, just the bag.

London (old picture from months ago). My friend Andrea is coming all the way from Copenhagen to visit me in a few days, and we're planning on spending a day in London. Miss and love this city so much.

As I've mentioned before I'm in my third and last year of university and graduating next summer. Each year BA Commercial Photography does a graduate exhibition at the end of third year to show off student work - something I will be part of now. As this is something we students are organizing we need to do fundraising beforehand to be able to pay for it all (renting a gallery, framing our work, promoting it all etc etc). We are therefore doing different events like parties, clothes and cake sales. Space Jam is one of these events and is a space themed club night. We had our first one the other week and it went so well! I got the job as videographer for the night and put together a little video which you can watch here if you want:

...and if you happen to be interested THISis our the facebook page

Random set of images from the last few months. I love keeping 'physical memories', therefore I try to shoot on disposable and polaroid cameras as much as I can. Have to invest in a photo album asap as I already have boxes full of images stacked up in my room.

Tabitha and I recently discovered that her living room is perfect for shoots as it has a big window which lets in beautiful light and nice white walls - which is basically everything I need. We did some images there the other day and this is one of them. Will show you guys some more later - have a lot on my mind and loads to get done at the moment.

Right now what I need is to be surrounded by inspiration, inspiration and more inspiration. So I decided to re-decorate my room. I stripped my walls of pictures and my shelves of unnecessary stuff, printed inspirational images and quotes and put that up. All of my pictures of friends and family have been put into boxes and now I'm gonna find some albums to put them into. As I'll only be living here for less than another year I would have to do something with them at some point anyway, so I decided to start now. I want books of memories that I can flip through whenever I want, as I think 'physical' memories are so much nicer than just facebook photos on a screen. Will show you the results later!

Today was not a good day.

This girl made it all a lot better though. We took some photos that I will show you guys later.

Time is moving so fast but yet so slowly. I am in a situation where I'm constantly stressed because I feel that I should be spending my time wisely and be more effective in order to get things done but at the same time find myself just hanging out and getting basically nothing done way too often. I can not seem to push myself out of it and focus on what I should be focusing on which is stressful. Because I feel that time is running out while I am standing still.

...this is true.

I think about time a lot. To me it seems like one of the most important things we've got, and it is so important to not waste it. On one hand this could mean that we should try fitting as much as possible into our days, weeks and years to be able to look back and know that we've done stuff. Looking at it differently though, doing stuff might not be the ultimate goal if the stuff we do don't actually make us feel happy as we do them. Figuring out what actually makes us really happy can seem like the most difficult thing and we might not even be able to do it, but I believe that the search for this in itself is a really important part of one's journey.

I love making things like this. Graphic design has always been one of my biggest interests besides photography, and I really enjoy designing websites, magazines, books and marketing material such as business cards, which is something I always carry with me just in case I meet a potential client/someone to collaborate with in the future. Playing around with different designs and images is so much fun, and this time I have mixed it up a bit by trying out the square format in stead of the credit card sized one I went for the last time. I think this slightly different look makes them stand out a bit!

What do you guys think? Which one's your favorite?

@odabeide on instagram

I'm back from vacation and really looking forward to start shooting again. Traveling through England, Germany, Italy and Croatia has been amazing but it is always nice to see Oslo again. Always. Right now I am in the middle of the process of putting together a book with some of my photos in it, as I enjoy flipping through fysical prints rather than just looking at digital files on a screen. It is also nice to have those books for later and be able to look back at it. I made my first book two and a half years ago actually, as a sort of portfolio for applying to universities in England. Speaking of it I will actually try and find that book, would be fun to compare the two!

Some snaps from the last few weeks. Enjoying summer all over Europe!

We don't need as many things as we think we do. This might seemlike a contradiction coming from someone like me who has an over average interest in fashion, but I actually mean it. If I had the oppertunity I would start a completely new path after losing my suitcase last month, and invest in only high quality pieces from fairtrade and eco brands. Unfortunately I my economy doesn't allow that right now, so I am going for something in between. I basically buy less. I also care a lot about fabrics, and always check this before buying a garment (favorites: cotton, linen, modal and silk).

It is important to consider how much we need before even thinking about how much we want. I always keep a check list of the pieces I actually need, and try finding the best possible version of these (without spending way too much money). However I do invest a bit more money in a few basic pieces I will be able to keep these for years and years, but make sure to think twice so I am sure they will be used a lot:

- a good qualityhandbag that can be used for (almost) anything and that fit both my camera and my phone, wallet and other bits and bobs I need

- at least one everyday jacket - leather or bomber (or both. maybe)

- one good pair of jeans (acne is my all time favorite)

- 'basic' shoes (one pair of converse, one of sandals (birkenstocks this summer - in love), one pair of trainers and one of classic high heels)

As my wallet has seen better (richer) days I don't spend much on other things like t-shirts, shorts, dresses and sweaters right now. But that doesn't mean that I don't consider what I buy. I always think it over at least twice before I get something, and if I know that it won't be used much I put it back. It is a nice challenge to work on using the clothes we already have in different ways rather than constantly buying new ones that we don't even have time to wear. Another good reason for buying less is a simple one (at least for me): suitcase space. Traveling back and forth between different countries has thought me to be more conscious about what I actually wear and what I don't really mind leaving behind and therefore should just get rid off.

Need some advice/guidance on how to buy less? Maria Nguyen is a perfect example when it comes to this, here is her blog and here is her BUY LESS guide.

We have had the most amazing few days at the Dolomiti Alps in Italy. We went hiking every day and experienced some amazing views of the incredible landscape surrounding us. Really wanted to stay there but we had return to Germany today, where we're staying for a few days before heading to Croatia. We'll hopefully be doing a day trip to Munich tomorrow, as I've never been there before but heard good things about the city.

A few more from the shoot with Vianne.

I randomly discovered this beautiful light pattern hitting the wall from one of the windows in my dads apartment, and had to capture it. We are in Germany at the moment, and tomorrow we are setting off for the alps to go hiking and experience the beauty of the landscape there and to celebrate my mum's 50th birthday. Have done a edit #2 on some images from one of my recent shoots which I will be posting soon.

Since I started studying photography almost two years ago I have had to answer the same questions over and over. About my future, about money and about my choice of education in general. Don't misunderstand - I really appreciate others paying interest in what I do. What I don't appreciate as much is the doubt and the judgement some people express towards it.

It is difficult trying to justify my choice of this 'weird education' to someone who looks at being a photographer as something equivalent to what they are doing when snapping a photo on their phone, adding the valencia filter and posting it on instagram. 'Anyone could be a photographer' is a statement that has made me doubt myself and my own profession countless of times.

Sometimes thinking about the future is difficult and confusing. Because I don't know what will happen. I am not studying something 'straight forward' that will secure me a job once I have graduated, and what I am doing is much more creative than theoretical. But I have never looked at the education I am doing as something that will give me a job in itself. Because it won't. However the course I am doing provides me with tools needed for me to be able to work as a photographer in the future. I believe that when it comes to photography 'learning by doing' is the best way, and being at a creative university surrounded by fashion designers, makeup artists, film makers amongst many other professions has already provided me with exciting projects and collaborations. Leaning how to take initiative, work with 'clients' and try to create something for someone else and at the same time find an individual style and voice is the most important thing for me right now, and I am learning new things from every project that I do.

I knew early on that I wanted to do photography, simply because I enjoyed it so much. I would always look for an opportunity to photograph at different occasions, no matter if it was a wedding, a birthday party or just a little walk in the woods. Even my breakfast. And lunch. As I got more into it I started looking at the world around me as potential photographs. Now I do it constantly. I notice light, shadows, angles and movements everywhere, and get inspired by textures, patterns, streets, people, music, nature, shops, architecture and the list can go on and on. New ideas pop into my head at random times, and I always have some future shoots in mind, waiting for the chance to be done.

I know it for sure now, definitely. I know that this is what I want to do more than anything.

As mentioned before I went to England with some friends from home, first to London for a few days and then down to my house in Bournemouth. I didn't get off to a good start as my suitcase got lost at the airport (still haven't got it so it has most likely been stolen at some point during its journey from Oslo to London). As I had packed 90% of my clothes, shoes, bags and makeup losing it was kind of a nightmare as I have had to start replacing everything and build up a whole new wardrobe. In one way it is nice to get some extra shopping done, but the fact that I've lost valuable jewellery and pieces of clothing that I will never be able to get a hold of kind of sucks. Really regret bringing that many things I love. But on the other hand they are just things, right?

Except from this I have had an amazing time so far. My lovely Norwegians left me a few days ago so now I'm here with my friends in Bournemouth for a few days before heading off to London again and then Germany with my family. Really looking forward to a few weeks of hiking, sunbathing, swimming, nice food and reading loads of books. I have decided to use my phone as little as possible to really get away from it all and just enjoy travelling with my family who I don't see too often. I believe that it is important to take some proper breaks from facebook, instagram etc. and just get our minds completely off it for a little while. I'll bring my camera along though, and see if I can get some nice pictures of the different places we'll be visiting, and probably update with some pictures on here in the evenings. It has been so long since I have used my camera for something else than school projects and work!

Here are some more images from this shoot! Really can't get enough of shaped light/shadows, something that is probably quite obvious looking back at my latest shoots. I love playing with layers, patterns and textures and will keep on exploring this further.

Here comes some behind the scenes images from various shoots during the last few months. I have loads more and will probably do another post later sometime and include some more funny ones aswell. Should start doing some behind the scenes videos soon! (all of the shoots in the description underneath the pictures are linked to the final images on my website)

1. Shooting Vianne Nguyen's collection with the beautiful Shirin / 2. Shooting 'White Cleopatra' with my lovely friend Laura / 3. Doing makeup on 'The Morning After' / 4. The lovely model Emma at a test shoot for 'Human Machine' / 5. ShootingGihan Saad's collection at my new favorite location in Oslo, Botanisk Hage ('botanic garden') / 6. Shooting 'Denim Dinosaur'with my talented friend and stylist Ashlie / 7. My good friend Hanna is dragging model Trine along for our shoot of her new pieces / 8. Getting the model ready for one of the shoots for 'Supernatural' / 9. There were so many kids around at our shoot for Gihan's collection and they were all curious of what we were doing

As a photographer I think it is important to know how it feels to be 'on the other side of the lens', as it develops a better understanding of how to work with the model(s) on shoots. Modelling isn't always comfortable - it's often either way too cold (especially in Norway haha) or way to hot, it can be kind of a workout and it takes a lot of concentration to deliver exactly what is wanted for each photo. Whenever I do a shoot I focus on trying to make it as comfortable as possible for the model by talking a lot while shooting (I have experienced that it feels way more comfortable to be standing there posing in front of people when you get feedback on what you do than when it's completely silent and you have no idea of what the photographer is thinking). Music is also something that makes everything feel less 'tense', especially when shooting video.

Anyway, here are a few images from some shoots I have done 'on the other side of the lens' during my time in England.

I left for England a few days ago with some friends, to spend some time in London and some in Bournemouth where we'll stay at my house for a few days. Then they're leaving and I'll have some time to see my friends in England before heading off to Germany and then Croatia before I return to Oslo. Busy summer! That's how I like it. This is a selection of photos from my weeks in Oslo, it was sunny almost every day and I loved it. Norway is definitely my favorite country when it is warm and sunny (too bad that it doesn't happen too often).

After finishing this year of uni a few weeks ago I left Bournemouth, heading home to Oslo. I really needed a little break after working day and night for weeks finishing my projects for summer. I knew that. But I also knew that after a few days of this little break I would go crazy if I didn't have anything to work on. I know myself well enough at this point to never plan on having too much free time, as I would get way too restless. So I sent out a few emails and got myself some work. I had already arranged with Imageakademiet Oslo (a one-year makeup and styling education) to shoot their makeup artists' final exams in June (will show you the results soon) but this would only take two days so I wanted some more. I emailed Esmod (a fashion design uni here in Oslo) asking for student collections to shoot. My email got forwarded to the graduate students and three of them got back to me. I gathered some ideas for both images and video, found makeup artists and models and arranged some shoots. So much fun! Have done two of the three shoots already and it was a blast. I also just got a job for a magazine here, which is super exciting, scary and fun. Staying busy is a challenge when working free-lance, and I know it will be even more difficult in a year from now when I've graduated and really need to step it up and get myself enough work. But I do believe that it is all about initiative and hard work, which I am prepared for (I think).

Me posing with my amazing model and friend Shirin from a shoot the other day. Will post the result soon!

This is probably my tenth shot at making this blog happen. I am coming back to it once again with a plan to use it as a 'diary' with images and videos made by me as well as behind the scenes material and some inspiration. I will use it as an additional 'sketchbook' and present my ideas and results. And I will post in english as that is the language I normally use when writing about my own work, and also because it lets anyone who wants to read this able to, not only norwegians. Let's hope it lasts longer than a week this time. I will start by doing some posts on my most recent projects, and then we'll see how much further it goes (I am hopeful!)

Bournemouth - London - Bournemouth - London - Oslo - Bournemouth - London - Bournemouth. Snn har den siste mneden sett ut. Jeg har vrt i London hver eneste helg untatt den ene helgen jeg bestemte meg for ta en tur til Norge. Trengte en pause fylt med familie, venner og SN. Dro til og med p skitur! Herlig.

I morgen drar jeg tilbake til England. Har hatt noen fine uker hjemme i Norge og ftt sett venner og familie som jeg har savnet snn. N blir det rett tilbake til skoleskoleskole.

For noen uker siden var jeg modell for en jente i sisteret av Commercial Photography p samme skole som meg. Location var en gammel skole som var blitt gjort om til museum, i London. Det var veldig gy vre med p, liker iblant vre p andre siden av kamera og kun gjre det jeg blir bedt om uten trenge vre s utrolig kreativ selv (hehe). Var veldigveldig kaldt ettersom temperaturen var omtrent den samme som ute, men synes bildene ble ganske bra likevel! Hva synes du?

I kveld skal vi ut p byen for sjekke ut Transmission, et helt nytt event startet opp av to venner som ogs skal vre DJ, gy! Deilig endelig ha en liten pause fra skolearbeidet.

Tonight we're headed to town to check out a new event called Transmission. It is actually put together by two of our friends who will be DJing aswell. Excited! And SO nice to finally have a break from my school work.

I miss home. I miss the cold, bright, crisp air. I miss the streets covered in white. I miss the water. I miss the food. I miss my mum. I miss my dad. I miss my brother. And my friends. I miss my room. And my bed. I miss the houses. I miss the trees. And the sky. I miss the horizon. I miss the woods. I miss the city. In 22 days I will be home.

#1 En tur p fine Bournemouth beach / #2 En hel dag i sengen etter en litt for morsom kveld / #3 Yndlingsfrokost/lunsj/kveldsmat/middag/mellommltid / #4 Regn p ruta / #5 Chase and Status konsert!!! Beste konserten jeg har vrt p / #6 Sketchbook / #7 Var modell for en i klassen og endte med se snn ut i tre timer mens jeg var p... / #8 ...short course! Her satte vi sammen fargepaletter / 9# Test shoot med baben Laura

Flg meg p instagram: @odabeide

Har laget en liten testvideo for prve ut "teleportering av ting" i form av sko, vesker og klr. Filmet det hele veldig raskt da vi likevel var og tok bilder, s det er ikke en kvalitet som denne jeg ser for meg for den ferdige filmen! Men var gy f testet litt:)

Made a short test video to test the idea of "teleporting items" using shoes, bags and clothes. Shot it all quite quickly while on the test shoot, so the quality is far from the level I want my final one to be. But it was fun to try out the idea:)

Noen ganger er ting bare ikke helt bra. Alle problemer virker strre, ingenting har en lsning og alt stresset slr en helt i bakken. Alt stopper opp. Senga er det eneste som frister. Men det gjelder komme seg gjennom.

Det er mye spennende som foregr for tiden! Etter innleveringen av forrige prosjekt er vi igang med det neste, og jeg har allerede en id jeg tror kunne blitt veldig bra, hvis jeg klarer gjennomfre den. I tillegg til dette skal jeg ta noen flere bilder av smykkene jeg jobbet med i forrige prosjekt, denne gangen i studio. Jeg skal ogs samarbeide med en jente som studerer tekstil og ta bilder av hennes kreasjoner. Vi er ogs igang med et teoretisk prosjekt der oppgaven er skrive et essay, s jeg m lese en hel haug med bker i tillegg til alt annet. Dette er en ganske s stor utfordring for meg som ikke har engelsk som morsml og derfor har enda strre problemer med komme igjennom de veldig kompliserte fototeoretiske tekstene enn de andre. I tillegg har jeg jo fashion design kurset jeg gr p en gang i uka, som jeg ogs m jobbe litt med. Heldigvis liker jeg ha mye gjre!

There are so many exciting things going on right now! After handing in our last project we have already started the next one, and I have an idea that I really think could turn out good if I manage to get it right. In addition to this I am shooting some more images of the jewellery I worked with on the last project, this time in studio. I am also working with a girl from textile studies and shooting some of her pieces. In addition to this we have started working on this year's essay project, so I have to read a whole bunch of books on top of evertything else. This is quite a challenge for me as English is not my first language and I therefore have even bigger difficulties getting through the complicated photography theory articles than the rest of the people in my course. If this wasn't enough I have to work on my fashion design project as well. Luckily I love being busy and having a lot going on!

Her er noen instagrambilder fra frste opptaksdagen til prosjektet mitt! Fikk mye bra bde av film og bilder, s har allerede ftt begynt redigere litt. Gleder meg til neste shoot p mandag!For flere oppdateringer bde i film og bilder, sk opp @odabeide p Instagram eller trykk p knappen under:

Her er et bilde fra shooten i dag. Fotografen hadde konstruert noen vegger som hun dekket med ulik "tapet" for hvert antrekk vi hadde p oss. Morsom id, og bildene jeg fikk se s bra ut! Snart gr jeg igang med min egen shoot ogs! Spennende.

En ting som er litt morsomt med studere fotografi og ha 50-60 andre elever i klassen, er at man noen ganger vil bli spurt om vre modell p andres shoots. Denne uka skal jeg over p den andre siden av kameraet for to forskjellige klassekamerater, og en av dem ba meg til og med om style meg selv! S n har jeg prvd av og p nesten alle klrne i klesskapet mitt og satt sammen noen antrekk til dagen. Hun ville jeg skulle inkludere mye sort og mye skinn, ettersom temaet hennes er ganske "grungy". Her er to av antrekkene jeg skal ha p meg! Dette blir gy.

Jeg bor i et hus med fire andre jenter, og av alle soverommene er mitt det minste. Derfor var det viktig for meg gjre det s koselig og pent som mulig, og utnytte mest mulig av den plassen jeg faktisk hadde. Rommet ble med ett mye mer personlig da jeg hang opp masse bilder av venner og familie. N fler jeg meg nesten som hjemme her.

Min ste venninne Tabitha er like glad i spontane photoshoots som meg. Derfor dro vi ned til byen en dag og tok bilder rundt om kring, kjpte oss en kaffe og satte oss nede ved stranda for se solnedgangen. Slike dager er fantastiske.

Ca ti minutter i gavstand unna huset vrt ligger en slags liten handlegate. Her har vi blant annet et utvalg kafeer og spisesteder. Et av dem heter Coffee #1, og der har de verdens beste smoothier og ferskpressede juicer. Til hyre ser dere de nye Nikeskoene jeg kjpte meg i London! Elsker dem og vil bare g med dem hver dag.

Til venstre ser dere mine to ste norske venninner som bor i et hus bare noen minutter unna vrt. Til hyre er to av jentene jeg bor med, som er noen av de beste jentene jeg vet om.

Min amerikanske venninne stelte istand "pumpkin-carving-night" der vi kjpte gresskar, skar ansikter p dem og s ristet frene inni og spiste dem. Amerikanske tradisjoner er s morsomme. Hun lagde ogs verdens beste amerikanske cookies. Aldri smakt bedre.

Jeg er ganske opptatt av trene og spise sunt, noe som ikke er like enkelt her som i Norge. En grunn er at nesten ingen andre jeg kjenner (kun noen f) faktisk trener, og de fleste spiser utrolig usunt og synes det er helt greit. En annen er at usunn mat er veldig mye billigere enn sunn og naturlig, til forskjell fra Norge der hvor prisen p sunn mat bevisst blir satt ned. Men jeg prver mitt beste!

To bilder fra London for litt siden. Vi syklet rundt i Kensington Gardens og Hyde Park en hel dag. Da vi satt og slappet av og tok en liten sykkelpause i den ene parken, s vi pluselig denne bestefaren og barnebarnet som matet fuglene sammen. Ste! Jeg tok ogs London Eye for frste gang, mens solen gikk ned. Utrolig nydelig.

Min nydelige Stephanie var s snill og stilte opp som modell for meg p testshoot, s jeg kjpte en lunsj til henne. Se s sulten hun var da! Stjal med meg noen blomster fra noen av hagene vi gikk forbi p vei til ulike locations (hehe tyv) ...

Denne helgen har jeg tilbringt sammen med familien som kom p besk til meg her i England! Bde mamma, pappa, lillebroren min, mormor og morfar kom, noe som var utrolig hyggelig. Jeg fikk vist dem huset jeg bor i, byen og i tillegg noen andre koselige sm engelske byer i omrdet. Til hyre ser dere forresten en utrolig fin ulljakke mamma har strikket til meg, som hun tok med i gave. Hun er s utrolig flink, og den ble akkurat snn som jeg ville ha den! Helgen har vrt skikkelig avslappende og god, men n er det rett tilbake til arbeid med fotoprosjekt og moteprosjekt. Var deilig f noen dagers pause. Har jeg forresten fortalt om motekurset jeg gr p i hst? Det fr jeg gjre senere! N skal jeg p trening.

Bor du langt unna familien din?

Noe av det frste jeg gjr hver gang vi har et nytt prosjekt er se p bilder. Masse bilder. Jeg leter i magasiner, p nettet og i ulike bker, og hver gang jeg ser noe jeg liker noterer jeg meg fotografen for s gjre videre research og finne mer inspirasjon. Dette er noen av bildene som har inspirert meg mest hittil i prosjektet mitt. Kontrasten mellom de ste vakre blomstene og den rffe og minimalistiske stylingen er noe jeg synes er ddskult, s jeg kommer til bruke slike elementer i mitt eget prosjekt. Akkurat n ser jeg p inspirasjon til klesstyling og sminke/hr, som jeg skal sette sammen til et moodboard som skal sendes til stylist og sminkr. Har ogs planlagt alle shoots. Endelig begynner ting falle p plass!

Noen dager virker det som om alt gr galt p en gang. I gr var en snn dag. Macen min dde og ville ikke gjenopplives, jeg fikk beskjed av lreren min om endre hele prosjektideen min og mtte s og si begynne p nytt, jeg fikk ikke booket utstyr til shooten min p onsdag (noe som er ekstremt viktig ettersom jeg har deadline om kun noen uker), og i tillegg psregnet det. P snne dager vil jeg bare krype hjem til mamma i Norge der alt er trygt og godt og jeg ikke trenger vre s voksen hele tiden.

Heldigvis lser ting seg. Macen ble plutselig levende igjen, det sluttet regne og jeg satte med ned og begynte p igjen med research og utstyrsbooking. P slutten av dagen hadde jeg faktisk klart sette sammen en ny og bedre ide og fikk ordnet et lite mte med stylisten jeg jobber med. Og i dag er det sol.

Jeg befinner meg sr i Italia akkurat n, med familien. Slapper av, vandrer i gatene og tar sklart noen bilder. Bestemte meg for vre litt gammeldags denne gangen, og kun ta bilder med mitt gamle Pentax som jeg fikk av min bestefar for en stund siden. Tok med meg en svart/hvitt-film og en fargefilm, og det er alt jeg har g p i to uker. Selvom skyte p film gir mange begrensninger, er det ogs veldig spennende ikke kunne se noen av bildene fr alt blir fremkalt. Skal srge for f lagt ut noen av bildene nr jeg er hjemme igjen.

Min Tumblr. Har du Tumblr? Hva er din?

Mine strste (materielle) nsker akkurat n!!! Canon 5D Mark III og Proenza Schouler PS1 Extra Large Leather

I gr var jeg med som assistent p et opptak for Costume. Var utrolig gy og veldig lrerikt, og gjr meg enda mer sikker p at det er dette jeg har lyst til nr jeg blir "stor". Bladet kommer ut i sommer, blir gy se det ferdige resultatet! Det nederste bildet er fra en frisrsalong p Grnerlkka, der sminken og hret ble ordnet. Har aldri vrt i en s fin salong fr! Veldig veldig fint interir, og MANGE foto- og motebker. Jeg vil ha alle sammen.

I lpet av de siste ukene har jeg vrt med (som assistent) p mange spennende fotoopptak, bde mote, reklame og portrett. Det verste bildet er fra en shoot for et klesmerke i gr, og det nederste er fra shooten jeg hadde for Bindi for litt siden. Om en ukes tid skal jeg vre bak kameraet igjen, og ta bilder sammen med en styliststudent. S det blir veldig spennende!

I morgen er modellen min og jeg klare for photoshoot!

Modell: Ruby Todd / Sminke og hr: Amber Julie Smith / Stylinghjelp: Ingri Valsvik / Assistent: Martha rnberg

Jeg bestemte meg for en stund siden for at jeg skulle flytte over til wordpress og skrive p engelsk. Det var en drlig ide, ettersom det er bde slitsomt og tidskrevende skrive p engelsk hele tiden, i tillegg til at jeg egentlig liker meg godt her. S n har jeg alts bestemt meg for skrive litt p norsk. Fremover kommer jeg til oppdatere om hva jeg gjr, frst og fremst med skoleprosjekter og andre prosjekter jeg driver med. Bde bilder som inspirerer meg og bilder jeg har tatt selv.

Disse bildene er fra den forrige oppgaven vi hadde p skolen, der man kunne velge mellom ulike oppgaver med forskjellige sjangre. Jeg valgte lage reklame for Deborah LIppmann, og har tatt bilder bde i studio og p location. Syntes resultatet ble ganske kult i grunn. Har ogs tatt andre bilder i det siste, som jeg skal legge ut senere. For tiden har jeg utplassering i Oslo, og jobber som assistent for to ulike fotografer, og er med p det de driver med. Veldig spennende. P onsdag skal jeg faktisk f lov lne studioet til en av fotografene, og jeg har ogs ftt lne klr og smykker fra en klesbutikk. S da skal vi ha shoot! Gleder meg masse.

Jeg har vrt en utrolig drlig blogger i det siste, og har derfor bestemt meg for prve f tilbake inspirasjonen ved starte opp en helt ny blogg HER. Jeg hper de av dere som ser dette (jeg kan vel ikke egentlig forvente at s mange av dere egentlig husker meg fortsatt, eller hva?) har lyst til gi meg en ny sjanse og flge med videre p den nye bloggen min:) Det kommer til bli noen forandringer, og den nye bloggen blir bde mer personlig og selvflgelig oppdatert mye oftere, og s har jeg bestemt meg for kun skrive p engelsk. Jeg har allerede endel fortelle om fra de siste ukene, bde nr det kommer til ting som skjer p skolen og i livet mitt ellers. Hper vi sees igjen p den nye bloggen! Flg den nye bloggen p Bloglovin HER.

Translation: I have been a really bad blogger lately, and therefore I have decided to try and get some more inspiration by starting up a totally new blog, HERE. I hope those of you who see this (I can't really expect many of you to still remember me after all this time, can I?) would want to give me a new chance and follow my new blog:) It will be slightly different than this one, both more personal and updated a lot more often, and it will be writtenexclusively in English.I already have a lot to write about from the last few weeks both about my studies and my personal life. Hope we meet again on my new blog!Follow the new blog on Bloglovin HERE.

I dag fikk jeg verdens beste julekalendergave, nemlig The Sartotialist - Closer av fotograf Scott Schuman. Den er ikke bare full av inspirerende motebilder men ogs sm historier ulike mennesker Scott Schuman har mtt p sine reiser rundt i verden.

Translation: I got the best gift in my christmas calendar today,The Sartotialist - Closerby the photographer Scott Schuman. It contains both inspiring pictures of fashionable people and Schuman's experiences travelling and meeting different people from all parts of the world.

En liten smakebit p de to frste fotoshootene til skoleprosjektet mitt! Temaet jeg har valgt er teknologi, og oppgaven gr ut p produsere minst fire bilder og en film. Filmen m vre mellom 1 og 5 minutter. Jeg tok de to frste bildene i Bournemouth fr jeg dro hjem, og skal ta de neste her hjemme i slutten av Desember/begynnelsen av Januar. S akkurat n har jeg masse gjre, bde med planlegging av de to shootsene, planlegging av klrne og sminke+hr med modeller og stylist og samtidig prve f jobbet s mye som mulig p jobben min for skaffe penger til neste r OG forberede til jul og vre sammen med venner og familie. Og shit, kom plutselig p at jeg burde trene litt ogs. Og g til tannlegen. Anyways, dere fr hre mer om prosjektene mine senere! Det er s spennende :)

Translation: A little sneak peek of my first two shoots for my uni project! The theme I have chosen is technology, and the brief involves producing at least four images and one video. The video is supposed to be between 1 and 5 minutes. I did the first two shoots in Bournemouth before leaving home for christmas, and I will do the other ones here in Norway in the end of December/beginning of January. Right now I'm super busy planning these shoots, getting the clothes ready, talking to the models and the stylist and at the same time working as much as possible at my job to get money for next year AND preparing for christmas and spending time with friends and family. And shit, I just remembered that I should go to the gym too. And to the dentist. Anyways, I will tell you more about my projects later! Super excited :)

Dro til Oslo for se Putti plutti pott i dag med venninnen min Andrea! Prver f litt julestemning, men fr det ikke helt til...noen som har gode tips til superkoselige juleting gjre? Har ikke hatt julestemning siden jeg var liten:(

Translation: Went to Oslo to see a norwegian christmas musical today, called Putti plutti pott with my friend Andrea! Trying to get my christmas spirit up, but it's not really working...any good advice on super christmasy stuff to do? Can't seem to get the same good christmas feeling as I had when I was a child:(

I gr dro jeg hjem til Norge for frste gang siden jeg flyttet til England. Det fltes litt rart vre hjemme igjen, men det er veldig deilig ogs. Julestemning og sn er noe jeg har gledet meg masse til! N har jeg endelig ftt tid til sette meg ned og ordne litt ting, som for eksempel lage en facebookside med noen av bildene mine. Hadde satt pris p om dere ville stikke innom den her :D

De to siste radene med bildene er fra England, resten er fra fr jeg dro hit.

Ble litt nostalgisk da jeg begynte g gjennom gamle bildemapper...for noen glansdager!

N er det fem dager til jeg drar. Hjelp!

Den 16. september reiser jeg og kofferten min alene til Bournemouth. Det er virkelig en utfordring planlegge hva jeg skal ta med meg, og hva som skal bli igjen her i Norge. Aner jo ikke egentlig hva som venter meg.

N vil jeg tilbake.

#1Den unge fotografen Olav #2Huset vi leide i Frankrike#3Meg og Hedda, min snakkende ryggsekk

#4Utsikten fra en topp vi gikk til#5Min favorittrett p ferie#6Hedda hopper i bassenget

#7En strand vi beskte#8Mamma og pappa i leiligheten vi var i i Lyon9#Flyplassen i Paris

Jeg har enda ikke klart f lastet over bildene fra Frankrike, fra pappas mac til min. Derfor blir det bilder fra mobilen i denne omgang. Resten kommer snart!

I dag var siste dag i Frankrike, i morgen kjrer vi fra Lyon til Paris og flyr hjem. Blir deilig komme hjem samtidig som det blir trist forlate solen... Synes forresten det er kjempegy at jeg har 100 followers n!! (typisk at noen unfollower meg snn at jeg driter meg ut n hehe (ikke gjr det a)) Tusen takk for at dere vil flge meg hvertfall, hper dere fortsetter med det! Og kommenter gjerne hvis det er noe dere savner, eller om det er noe spesielt dere vil jeg skal skrive om?

Det meste av tiden her gr med til slappe av, bade, spise og slappe av mer. Men i dag dro vi p tur til en liten by der de hadde et slags "show" med hester og okser i gatene. Det er tydeligvis tradisjon der, og alle kledde seg i gammeldagse klr. Franskmenn er kule!

Fr bare redigert bildene i iPhoto, fordi jeg ikke fikk plass til min egen mac i kofferten (...) Derfor blir bildene litt...gr. Anyways, her er noen bilder fra Nimes til n! Har (mange) fler, men n skal jeg ut og sole meg s det fr vi komme tilbake til. Har du vrt i srfrankrike fr?

Noen mobilbilder fra Cannes. Det var s gy!!! (mobilblogging er forresten utrolig primitivt...hvorfor blir bildene mindre enn de pleier n?? Det ser s irriterende ut)

N er vi i Paris!!!

I morgen er siste dagen jeg jobber p lenge, for p onsdag drar jeg til Frankrike!! Skal til Paris, Cannes og Nimes. Gleder meg til sol og sommer igjen!

Har du vrt i Frankrike fr?

N for tiden bruker jeg det nye polaroidkameraet mitt til ta bilder som jeg kan henge opp p veggen nr jeg flytter. Det er viktig for meg ta med meg litt av livet mitt nr jeg reiser, s jeg forhpentligvis fler meg litt mindre alene den frste tiden. Jeg klarer fortsatt ikke innse at jeg skal dra, tror ikke jeg kommer til virkelig fors det fr jeg sitter p flyet fra Norge i september.

Det er s rart tenke p at jeg snart skal reise fra alt sammen. Alt jeg kjenner, alle jeg er glad i. Etter ha vrt p ferietur i noen uker tenker man som regel at det er deilig komme hjem igjen. Jeg kommer til komme p ferie hit til Norge i noen uker noen ganger i ret. Kommer jeg da til tenke at det er deilig komme hjem igjen fra ferie, nr jeg drar tilbake igjen til mitt nye hjem etter en ferie i det jeg alltid har sett p som hjemme?

#1 Slutten p videregende #2 Min elskede nye lommebok #3 Biltur fra Bournemouth til London

#4 Meg og Lidolido (<3) p Kollenfest #5 Anniken p Kollenfestivalen. Fin? #6 Italiensk kaffe i Poole

#7 Solnedgang p Kleopatra Beach i Alanya #8 P byen i Alanya 9# Kleopatra Beach

#10 Blskjell i Kbenhavn #11 Mine nye sko #12 Instagrambilder tatt med mitt nye kamera

Hva har du gjort hittil i juli?

Endelig!!! Fikk kjpt meg dette kameraet i Kbenhavn. Det er perfekt! Skal vise noen av bildene jeg har tatt med det senere. Andre som har polaroidkamera?

Kbenhavn var kjempebra, og selv om vi bare var der i to dager rakk vi gjre masse. Vi bodde veldig sentralt, rett ved Strget, s det var kort vei til butikkene. Var innom flere ulike vintagebutikker, kan anbefale The Secound Way, O.S.V og Episode! Har du vrt i Kben fr?

Hadde aldri vrt i Tyrkia fr, s syntes det var veldig spennende dra dit for frste gang. Vi var der i en uke, og det var sol og 30-40 grader hver eneste dag. Deilig! Har du vrt i Tyrkia fr? Hva synes du?

Har nettopp vrt i Kbenhavn, og i Tyrkia fr det. Tok selvflgelig med meg kameraet selv om macen mtte bli hjemme. Bilder kommer snart!

#1 Shirin p tur langs togskinnene en tidlig morgen #2 Sveler med Ninni #3 Ombr

#4 Fine sko #5 Dobbel regnbue #6 Verdens beste budskap i Oslo

#7 Meg #8 Vilde og meg p yafestivalen i 2011 #9 Meg igjen, i sola

Da er vi hjemme igjen fra England, og denne uken blir det jobb i noen dager fr KOLLEN (<3) i helgen. Neste uke skal en venninne av meg og jeg p ferietur til varmere land, som jeg gleder meg til soool. Hva er deres planer i sommer?

Fredag og lrdag som kommer skal Annikenog jeg til Holmenkollen p festival og se blandt annet Rihanna og Lidolido (<3<3<3). Jeg har allerede sett Lido to ganger i r, men det gjr jo ingenting, eller hva? Det blir uansett suuupergy. Noen fler som skal dit?

Jeg drasset faktisk rundt p det store, tunge kameraet mitt for ta bilder i dag ogs, MEN jeg fant etterhvert ut at jeg ikke hadde satt inn minnekortet (!?). Derfor ble det ikke s mange fine bilder av Poole, som vi dro til i dag. Det ble heller litt #instalove (som forsvidt ogs er hyggelig selv om noen av bildene er fra i gr). Anyways, n skal jeg powernappe, er s slitsomt vre p ferie.

I dag har pappa og jeg vrt p pen dag p Arts University College Bournemouth, hvor jeg skal g til hsten. Vi fikk se utstillinger med produkter laget av elever fra ulike linjer (bla. BA Fashion Studies, BA Textiles, BA Film Production) i tillegg til BA Commercial Photography som jeg skal g p, der jeg ogs fikk snakket med kurslederen. Jeg fikk ogs en goodiebag (!!!).. jeg elsker goodiebags. N skal jeg shoppe!!

Avslutningen i gr var bde trist og veldig hyggelig. Kommer til savne alle sammen nr jeg drar til hsten. Akkurat n sitter jeg p hotellrommet mitt i Bournemouth, kom hit for noen timer siden. I morgen skal jeg beske skolen her for frste gang!

I gr kveld arrangerte Medier og kommunikasjon p Sandvika vgs Pixelprisen, der elever vinner ulike priser for medieprodukter man har laget. Tema i r var var film noir! Veldig koselig kveld:) Forresten s har venninnen min Annikenftt seg en nydelig blogg, anbefales!

Her skal jeg studere Commercial Photography de tre neste rene. Gleder meg!

#1 Hipstershirin #2 Sjablonger til bussen #3 Neglelakk #4 London #5 En vegg i russebussen #6 Mer neglelakk #7 Mer London

#1 Starbucks p Gardemoen - #2 Fine jenter p byen - #3 Togstasjonen en morgen - #4 Frokost - #5 Jobbing p BUSSEN VR#6 Mine fine Dr. Martens

Instagram er s himmelsk!

I morgen drar jeg tilbake til London! Og s skal jeg oppdatere mer, lover

Hatt en bra pske?

N er det snart sommer!!!

Har du vrt i Stavanger fr?

Noen bilder fra mneden som har vrt.

Savner det allerede...

Vi dro til London fordi jeg ville beske noen skoler jeg har skt p der. Blir spennende se hva som skjer videre!

Drar jeg til London!!!

Tatt i Praha