Love this so much. The simplicity, the angles, the lighting and the styling. Shot byIris Bjorkand styled byCamilla Sverdrup.

I'm obsessed with textures, patterns and structures like these. I don't really know why it fascinates me but I think it is beautiful and have therefore used it a lot in my work already, and also plan on doing it more. The shapes and colours shaped by nature (like most of the ones above) are by far the nicest looking ones and I have more than once brought my camera around outside looking for treasures like these. It is amazing how much beauty we can find if we just look properly.


As I've been in bed sick with the flu for several days now I have had plenty of time to window shop online. It is tempting to actually order stuff for real but I am trying my best to resist...

These images by Hideaki Hamada for Kinfolk magazine blow my mind.

Wish I was this cool. Every day.

I am NOT a pink-person. I own ONE pink piece of clothing. Yet these images by Sascha Oda make me want to dress up in pink from head to toe.

Hentet direkte fra min InspoTumblr

Hentet direkte fra min InspoTumblr

Nr jeg planlegger nye prosjekter liker jeg samle inspirasjonsbilder jeg finner. Noen av dem finner jeg i magasiner og klipper ut, for s lime inn i en sketchbook. De bildene jeg finner p nettet "limer jeg inn" p denne inspirasjonsbloggen. Ta gjerne en titt:)