Paul Jung is one of the most fascinating photographers I know. Just like Kasia Bielska who I've written about before he has this surreal feel to his images though these are a bit more 'human' than hers. The crops of his images must be one of the most interesting things about them and I really want to explore his kind of shooting a bit more. Some of the images would have been quite simple and normal if it wasn't for his choice of posing the model and cropping of the frame. 

This is genious. I love Catharina Pavitschitz's work so much. 


I love Viviane Sassen and her campaigns for ACNE (which I also love btw). This one is really different from the previous ones but I still really like it.

Love, love, LOVE these images for the newly re-opened department store in Oslo, Paleet. As soon as I saw these images on walls and billboards around Oslo I had to know who the photographer was. It turns out that Kristine Jacobsen is the talent behind this, in collaboration with stylist Linda Sandnes and art director Nora Bremnæs. See behind the scenes images from the shoot HERE!

The next favorite photographer on my list is Mariana Garcia. She has something more 'real' and natural to her images but I still really like the playfulness in poses and expressions and how details like the pink eyebrows in the 3rd and 4th photo changes the whole style. The locations she uses are perfect and I want to shoot there so bad. (click any of the images to get to her website)

Next one on the list of my favorite photographers is Kasia Bielska who has a really particular and different style to her work. The 'doll-look' you often see in her images combined with the surreal locations and props makes her images look like a mix of fine art and fashion photography, which is really interesting. Would have absolutely loved to see how she works on set/in post to make these photos happen. (click any of the images to get to her website)

A good way to find new photographers is through looking at editorials in fashion magazines (my favorites are Norwegian and Danish Costume, Norwegian StyleMag, British Forget Them, Dansk and Revs but I find new ones all the time) and write down the names of the ones that seems interesting. Through the last few years I have made a list of my absolute favorites, which I go through to look for inspiration. One of them is Amanda Hestehave who caught my interest first and foremost because of her clean scandinavian style that is simple but never boring. Her all-white shoot for Beate Godanger (forth image) was what mainly inspired me to do an all-white shoot myself. (click any of the images to get to her website)

Hentet fra rogovserge

Åh, inspirasjon!!

Sally Mann er en av mine favorittfotografer. Likevel er jeg litt usikker på hva jeg synes om å ta bilder av barn på den måten hun gjør. Er det pornografi? Er det krenkende? Eller er det kunst? Det kommer vel kanskje litt an på øyet som ser. 

Elsker bildene til Misha Taylor. De er så sterke og så ekte, og hvert bilde forteller en egen historie