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I've been back in Oslo for about a week now. It is so beautiful, and so damn cold. The city isn't as bad as the rest of the country though.. we're planning on visiting my grandparents tomorrow, and there has been around -20 there lately. -20! I think I've spent too much time in England, as I actually find it freezing when it's -10. Better wrap up.

Anyway, I am actually quite proud right now, as I've just finished the first complete draft from my dissertation. 5113 words, about of them 1500 written over the last week. Even though it IS a real struggle, I am starting to enjoy the writing process a tiny bit. Writing academic English used to be a huge challenge, something that made me nervous and that I didn't like. I just wanted to get it over with. Last year I wrote a 4000 words essay, and I hated it. I didn't like the topic, I wasn't interested in the books I read and just couldn't figure it out. This year however, I am actually finding it really interesting and I honestly enjoy the feeling of writing about a topic that I barely knew anything about a few months ago, knowing that at this point I actually (kind of, to some extent) know that I'm talking about.

What stresses me out though, is that even though I have finished my first draft of my dissertation, I yet have a 2000 words specialist practice report to get started on. Due on the 8th of January. Which is a few days after I arrive back in Bournemouth. Have to start, in other words. Soon.

...but something fun is coming up too, luckily. Some time this week (hopefully on Wednesday) I have a shoot planned. Which I am super excited about. Wooh.

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Torunn Renate (Tiimo Lhiam)

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Fine bilder .3

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