So busy

My adventurous models going for a little swim during our test shoot (not really though. they would probably freeze off their toes. Through we did actually see a couple of people in the water that day. CRAZY ENGLISHMEN)

One of the very few things England have that Norway doesn't: palm trees

Shopping for one of my shoots

On set of one of my final shoots. Excited to be able to show some more of this later on!

My stylist Kristian at work

Me shooting

Sneak peek!

Beautiful Diane on a little test shoot with me by the beach

Beautiful Diane again (still by the beach)

From my other final shoot that was yesterday at Durdle Door

My lovely assistant Maria on set yesterday

One of the (very few) nights out I have had during the last few weeks. Feels good to have a little break once in a while but as I don't have time to be hungover at the moment they have to be done quite soberly. Which is completely fine when in such nice company!

(images from my instagram account @odabeide)

OH. MY. GOD. I am so busy. Right now I am supposed to be in bed reading books for my dissertation (=bacheloroppgave p norsk) but I am finally taking some time off to write a post. My friend reminded me of it earlier today (or was it yesterday? my head is spinning) which made me suddenly remember that I have actually got a blog and that I had promised myself to update it often. I actually did, for a while. But then I got busy... I do actually love being busy, especially with photography work as it is what I love to do. But there are always those days when you wake up and would do almost anything to be able to stay in bed for a bit longer. Especially those days when you have slept for about 3 hours a night for a few weeks.

But oh well. I have finished my final shoots for my projects which is kind of a relief but also stressful as I never know whether the results are good enough or not. I feel quite confident, but you never know. When I say I am finished with final shoots you might think that I don't have any more work to do for a little while. Well, that would have been kind of true if it wasn't for the fact that #1 post production takes weeks (not even kidding, I do not only about 700 images for each shoot but also about an hour of video footage. All of this needs to be looked through and the best parts have to be picked out, then retouched, then printed off/uploaded), #2 I still have to read about 10-15 more books for my dissertation and then actually write it (5000 words), #3 as the workoholic I am I have already planned to photograph two different makeup projects, two fashion projects and model for two more projects in the next couple of weeks.

I need to go to bed and read now. Bye.

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Herlig innlegg.. nsker deg en knall dag videre!

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