New bag

I have been looking for what seems like ages for a perfect sized bag that is solid enough to handle my heavy camera and all of my research folders for uni and also fit my (really small) student budget. I finally found this and it's awesome. And the best part is that it is from Zara and only cost me 40 pounds!

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Iselin Rene

23.10.2014 kl.08:57

Den var fin :)

Kamilla Haaland

23.10.2014 kl.12:19

s fin!

Oda Eide

23.10.2014 kl.21:30

Iselin Rene: takk!:)

Oda Eide

23.10.2014 kl.21:30

Kamilla Haaland: takk!!:)

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