Bits and pieces

Woods and trees are probably some of the things I miss the most about Norway when I'm here in England (well, except from my friends, family and Norwegian chocolate). There is a little 'park/forest' between where I live and the Bournemouth town centre, and that little bit of nature actually gives me so much. Almost like being home for a little bit.

The preparations for one of my test shoots (the image below) included smashing a mirror into pieces. Better hope it doesn't bring me bad luck.

These pancakes must be one of the dishes I eat the most. They are really easy to make, quite healthy and OH SO GOOD.

Got myself some new gym shoes the other day and I love them so much already.

Some more shopping (hehe). Didn't buy the sweater though, just the bag.

London (old picture from months ago). My friend Andrea is coming all the way from Copenhagen to visit me in a few days, and we're planning on spending a day in London. Miss and love this city so much.

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Marita Solheim

22.10.2014 kl.09:10

Stilige bilder :-)

Oda Eide

23.10.2014 kl.21:30

Marita Solheim: takk!:)

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