Space Jam

As I've mentioned before I'm in my third and last year of university and graduating next summer. Each year BA Commercial Photography does a graduate exhibition at the end of third year to show off student work - something I will be part of now. As this is something we students are organizing we need to do fundraising beforehand to be able to pay for it all (renting a gallery, framing our work, promoting it all etc etc). We are therefore doing different events like parties, clothes and cake sales. Space Jam is one of these events and is a space themed club night. We had our first one the other week and it went so well! I got the job as videographer for the night and put together a little video which you can watch here if you want:

...and if you happen to be interested THISis our the facebook page

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15.10.2014 kl.13:28

Nice pics ;)

Oda Eide

17.10.2014 kl.15:24

OSLOFRU: Thanks!:)

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