Test shoots and such

I am in the planning and testing phase of my projects right now, which is in one way one of the most fun and exciting parts and in another one of the most insecure and scary ones. I am building the foundation of my work for this term, and though I am focused on doing as well as I can now I can not really know how things will turn out until I have tried. My ideas for these projects are a bit different, and if I make it work I think the results could be awesome. If they don't work out though, I will have to start over on something else which is part of the process but often feels like a step backwards. Anyways, right now my focus is on the first shoots and I am excited to get started, already have a team with me consisting of a model, two makeup artists, one stylist and one assistant. All super nice and talented people so this should be good. I always keep my tests and shoots to myself in the beginning of the process but I will put up some behind the scenes material here as a little sneak peek, once I've started shooting in a few days. The image above is by Ivan Bideac by the way and I love it so much. I even put it up on my little inspiration board on my wall (have re-decorated my room and put up some inspo, will show some pictures of that later).

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l e n a j e n s e n

10.10.2014 kl.10:31

s nydelig bilde!


13.10.2014 kl.12:29

Nydelig refleksjon p overflaten og flotte farger!

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