It's not long until I'll be on my way to England again now. I'm starting my third and last year on Commercial Photography at The Arts University Bournemouth. I see this as an extremely important year for me as this will determine what happens next for me. We will be doing mostly practical projects like we normally do, which means that we will be planning, executing and presenting photography/video projects. In my case this means different fashion editorials with different concepts, stories and themes.

When I started at AUB two years ago I didn't really know my own style professionally. I had done a lot of shoots and also some video, which was what got me into the university. But during our first projects it was all experimentation. I would say that the first 1,5 years was just testing, developing and more testing. After last christmas something had happened. My next projects suddenly felt like 'me', like I actually knew what I wanted and what I was doing. I was not just playing around, but actually building my own style and my own brand. And that is where I am right now. I still have a long way to go, I need to polish both my technical skills and make my visual voice stand out more, be more interesting and even more 'me'. But it is really nice to feel that I have developed from where I was two years ago and gotten better at what I love to do.

I thought it would be fun to look through some of my old work, so I went back to my old folders and found some work I did the year before I started uni. This was what I used to apply and get into my course. Comparing it to my newest work is fun as I feel like I can see 'me' in it all but in very different ways. Here it goes...

First some old work. These were all done during the year before I started uni, about three years ago:

And then here is some of my new work, from 2014:

Looking at this I see some of the same use of colour and expressions amongst other things. There's still a lot of room for improvements in the last set though and I am really excited to challenge myself even more this coming year!

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Iselin Rene

24.09.2014 kl.12:13

Wow s utrolig flink du er! Virkelig talent! :)

connie rossing

24.09.2014 kl.21:34

Hres s spennende ut! Elsker bildene dine!

Oda Eide

24.09.2014 kl.23:41

Iselin Rene: Tusen takk :D

Oda Eide

24.09.2014 kl.23:41

connie rossing: Tuusen takk!:):)

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