New business cards

I love making things like this. Graphic design has always been one of my biggest interests besides photography, and I really enjoy designing websites, magazines, books and marketing material such as business cards, which is something I always carry with me just in case I meet a potential client/someone to collaborate with in the future. Playing around with different designs and images is so much fun, and this time I have mixed it up a bit by trying out the square format in stead of the credit card sized one I went for the last time. I think this slightly different look makes them stand out a bit!

What do you guys think? Which one's your favorite?

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18.09.2014 kl.10:02

herlig blogg du har;)

Oda Eide

18.09.2014 kl.11:33

kinelillesand: Tusen takk :D


18.09.2014 kl.18:20

Du hadde en fin blogg:) nsker deg en knall kveld videre!

Oda Eide

21.09.2014 kl.13:25

lisebrevik: Tusen takk! Takk det samme :)

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