Through the beginning of this summer we were in the process of moving into our apartment in Oslo, and I did never really have my own room to myself. I have never been very connected to/dependent on particular places but I realised after a while that living out of my suitcase and some IKEA bags gave me a feeling of chaos that I bothered me.

In the house I am sharing with my friends in England my room is the smallest, and not only that, it is actually tiny. This was something I agreed on from the start as I wanted to save some money and didn't really think it would be a problem for me as I've lived in small rooms before. But after a year of it I realised that it did actually have an impact and that it does actually matter.

Having finally moved into a really nice and big room in Oslo have made me realise how nice it is to have this space all to myself. To have a big bed, my own desk with enough space, enough space to organize my clothes and things feels really good. To have somewhere to actually spend time with enough space to breathe means more than I thought.

I am excited to get back to England, see my friends and start my third and last year of uni. But I am not excited to be back in my tiny room. Luckily I have plenty of other places I can be and I also plan on going to London a lot. This I will tell you more about later.

How do you feel about places? Do you need your own space?

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