Paul Jung

Paul Jung is one of the most fascinating photographers I know. Just like Kasia Bielska who I've written about before he has this surreal feel to his images though these are a bit more 'human' than hers. The crops of his images must be one of the most interesting things about them and I really want to explore his kind of shooting a bit more. Some of the images would have been quite simple and normal if it wasn't for his choice of posing the model and cropping of the frame.

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06.10.2014 kl.17:00

S du hadde meldt deg p konkurransen min "Er du 1 av 5 gode bloggere", kan meddele at innlegget kommer ut imorgen. S hper du flger med! Vil ogs bare si takk som meldte deg p <3 Og beklager s veldig for at det ikke kommer fr n.

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