Going against the grain


These images by Hideaki Hamada for Kinfolk magazine blow my mind. 

Cool people

Wish I was this cool. Every day. 

Self portraits

For me doing self portraits has always been an awkward, unnatural thing. I would never feel comfortable posting a smiling selfie on this blog, showing off my ootd or my new lipstick. I have tried, trust me. But the results have always felt fake and not something I have felt is me.

But as I spend so much time taking pictures of other people I thought I might as well try putting myself in the role of the model, to see what it was like. It was important to me that this would be done in the same style I would use to shoot my normal fashion images. So I started by thinking through what I normally try and get out of the model I am working with. And gave myself the instructions.

After a few shots I actually quite liked what I was getting. So here it is. Pictures of me, by me. 

Featured in Unfolded magazine

One of my last uni projects from second year is featured in the September issue of Unfolded magazine! This was a collaboration with the super talented and nice textiles designer Tessa and a really nice team consisting of some super sweet MUA's, models and assistants. See the spread HERE


Kristine Jacobsen for Paleet

Love, love, LOVE these images for the newly re-opened department store in Oslo, Paleet. As soon as I saw these images on walls and billboards around Oslo I had to know who the photographer was. It turns out that Kristine Jacobsen is the talent behind this, in collaboration with stylist Linda Sandnes and art director Nora Bremnæs. See behind the scenes images from the shoot HERE!

By the water

Did a little shoot with the beautiful model Sabine and talented MUA Natalin in beautiful late-summer Oslo.

Featured in F-WORD magazine

One of my projects from earlier this year was recently featured in the online magazine F-WORD! This was a collaboration with super talented and sweet textiles designer Patricia Wu Wu, and the amazing MUA Karen Bradshaw. Check it out HERE!


I'm back from vacation and really looking forward to start shooting again. Traveling through England, Germany, Italy and Croatia has been amazing but it is always nice to see Oslo again. Always. Right now I am in the middle of the process of putting together a book with some of my photos in it, as I enjoy flipping through fysical prints rather than just looking at digital files on a screen. It is also nice to have those books for later and be able to look back at it. I made my first book two and a half years ago actually, as a sort of portfolio for applying to universities in England. Speaking of it I will actually try and find that book, would be fun to compare the two!


 Some snaps from the last few weeks. Enjoying summer all over Europe! 

Fewer and better things

We don't need as many things as we think we do. This might seem like a contradiction coming from someone like me who has an over average interest in fashion, but I actually mean it. If I had the oppertunity I would start a completely new path after losing my suitcase last month, and invest in only high quality pieces from fairtrade and eco brands. Unfortunately I my economy doesn't allow that right now, so I am going for something in between. I basically buy less. I also care a lot about fabrics, and always check this before buying a garment (favorites: cotton, linen, modal and silk). 

It is important to consider how much we need before even thinking about how much we want. I always keep a check list of the pieces I actually need, and try finding the best possible version of these (without spending way too much money). However I do invest a bit more money in a few basic pieces I will be able to keep these for years and years, but make sure to think twice so I am sure they will be used a lot:

- a good quality handbag that can be used for (almost) anything and that fit both my camera and my phone, wallet and other bits and bobs I need

- at least one everyday jacket - leather or bomber (or both. maybe)

- one good pair of jeans (acne is my all time favorite)

- 'basic' shoes (one pair of converse, one of sandals (birkenstocks this summer - in love), one pair of trainers and one of classic high heels)

As my wallet has seen better (richer) days I don't spend much on other things like t-shirts, shorts, dresses and sweaters right now. But that doesn't mean that I don't consider what I buy. I always think it over at least twice before I get something, and if I know that it won't be used much I put it back. It is a nice challenge to work on using the clothes we already have in different ways rather than constantly buying new ones that we don't even have time to wear. Another good reason for buying less is a simple one (at least for me): suitcase space. Traveling back and forth between different countries has thought me to be more conscious about what I actually wear and what I don't really mind leaving behind and therefore should just get rid off. 

Need some advice/guidance on how to buy less? Maria Nguyen is a perfect example when it comes to this, here is her blog and here is her BUY LESS guide

Dolomiti Alps


We have had the most amazing few days at the Dolomiti Alps in Italy. We went hiking every day and experienced some amazing views of the incredible landscape surrounding us. Really wanted to stay there but we had return to Germany today, where we're staying for a few days before heading to Croatia. We'll hopefully be doing a day trip to Munich tomorrow, as I've never been there before but heard good things about the city. 

Hold on

A few more from the shoot with Vianne


I randomly discovered this beautiful light pattern hitting the wall from one of the windows in my dads apartment, and had to capture it. We are in Germany at the moment, and tomorrow we are setting off for the alps to go hiking and experience the beauty of the landscape there and to celebrate my mum's 50th birthday. Have done a edit #2 on some images from one of my recent shoots which I will be posting soon.

It has to be important

Hanna Christie

(photos by me)

(photos by Hanna Christie)

This incredibly talented emerging designer is also a good friend of mine, which is why it's so much fun to follow her development and even be able to photograph her work (see the whole series of images HERE). She has a clean but defined style and has so far created pieces with interesting shapes and silhuettes. I am so excited to see what comes next! 

Follow Hanna on instagram: @hannachristie


Wash your dirty money

Since I started studying photography almost two years ago I have had to answer the same questions over and over. About my future, about money and about my choice of education in general. Don't misunderstand - I really appreciate others paying interest in what I do. What I don't appreciate as much is the doubt and the judgement some people express towards it. 

It is difficult trying to justify my choice of this 'weird education' to someone who looks at being a photographer as something equivalent to what they are doing when snapping a photo on their phone, adding the valencia filter and posting it on instagram. 'Anyone could be a photographer' is a statement that has made me doubt myself and my own profession countless of times. 

Sometimes thinking about the future is difficult and confusing. Because I don't know what will happen. I am not studying something 'straight forward' that will secure me a job once I have graduated, and what I am doing is much more creative than theoretical. But I have never looked at the education I am doing as something that will give me a job in itself. Because it won't. However the course I am doing provides me with tools needed for me to be able to work as a photographer in the future. I believe that when it comes to photography 'learning by doing' is the best way, and being at a creative university surrounded by fashion designers, makeup artists, film makers amongst many other professions has already provided me with exciting projects and collaborations. Leaning how to take initiative, work with 'clients' and try to create something for someone else and at the same time find an individual style and voice is the most important thing for me right now, and I am learning new things from every project that I do. 

I knew early on that I wanted to do photography, simply because I enjoyed it so much. I would always look for an opportunity to photograph at different occasions, no matter if it was a wedding, a birthday party or just a little walk in the woods. Even my breakfast. And lunch. As I got more into it I started looking at the world around me as potential photographs. Now I do it constantly. I notice light, shadows, angles and movements everywhere, and get inspired by textures, patterns, streets, people, music, nature, shops, architecture and the list can go on and on. New ideas pop into my head at random times, and I always have some future shoots in mind, waiting for the chance to be done.

I know it for sure now, definitely. I know that this is what I want to do more than anything.  


As mentioned before I went to England with some friends from home, first to London for a few days and then down to my house in Bournemouth. I didn't get off to a good start as my suitcase got lost at the airport (still haven't got it so it has most likely been stolen at some point during its journey from Oslo to London). As I had packed 90% of my clothes, shoes, bags and makeup losing it was kind of a nightmare as I have had to start replacing everything and build up a whole new wardrobe. In one way it is nice to get some extra shopping done, but the fact that I've lost valuable jewellery and pieces of clothing that I will never be able to get a hold of kind of sucks. Really regret bringing that many things I love. But on the other hand they are just things, right? 

Except from this I have had an amazing time so far. My lovely Norwegians left me a few days ago so now I'm here with my friends in Bournemouth for a few days before heading off to London again and then Germany with my family. Really looking forward to a few weeks of hiking, sunbathing, swimming, nice food and reading loads of books. I have decided to use my phone as little as possible to really get away from it all and just enjoy travelling with my family who I don't see too often. I believe that it is important to take some proper breaks from facebook, instagram etc. and just get our minds completely off it for a little while. I'll bring my camera along though, and see if I can get some nice pictures of the different places we'll be visiting, and probably update with some pictures on here in the evenings. It has been so long since I have used my camera for something else than school projects and work! 

More from the shoot with Gihan Saad

Here are some more images from this shoot! Really can't get enough of shaped light/shadows, something that is probably quite obvious looking back at my latest shoots. I love playing with layers, patterns and textures and will keep on exploring this further.

Favorite photographer #3 - Mariana Garcia

The next favorite photographer on my list is Mariana Garcia. She has something more 'real' and natural to her images but I still really like the playfulness in poses and expressions and how details like the pink eyebrows in the 3rd and 4th photo changes the whole style. The locations she uses are perfect and I want to shoot there so bad. (click any of the images to get to her website)

Shoot ideas: 'Botanic'

I have done similar things before HERE(AliceStannardsShootLink), HERE (GihanSaadShootLink) and HERE (VianneNguyenShootLink) but I still haven't done a shoot with the model(s) surrounded by plants like palm trees and cactuses. So that is what I want to do next. 

Behind the scenes from my latest shoots

Here comes some behind the scenes images from various shoots during the last few months. I have loads more and will probably do another post later sometime and include some more funny ones aswell. Should start doing some behind the scenes videos soon! (all of the shoots in the description underneath the pictures are linked to the final images on my website)

1. Shooting Vianne Nguyen's collection with the beautiful Shirin / 2. Shooting 'White Cleopatra' with my lovely friend Laura / 3. Doing makeup on 'The Morning After' / 4. The lovely model Emma at a test shoot for 'Human Machine' / 5. Shooting Gihan Saad's collection at my new favorite location in Oslo, Botanisk Hage ('botanic garden') / 6. Shooting 'Denim Dinosaur' with my talented friend and stylist Ashlie / 7. My good friend Hanna is dragging model Trine along for our shoot of her new pieces / 8. Getting the model ready for one of the shoots for 'Supernatural' / 9. There were so many kids around at our shoot for Gihan's collection and they were all curious of what we were doing

On the other side

As a photographer I think it is important to know how it feels to be 'on the other side of the lens', as it develops a better understanding of how to work with the model(s) on shoots. Modelling isn't always comfortable - it's often either way too cold (especially in Norway haha) or way to hot, it can be kind of a workout and it takes a lot of concentration to deliver exactly what is wanted for each photo. Whenever I do a shoot I focus on trying to make it as comfortable as possible for the model by talking a lot while shooting (I have experienced that it feels way more comfortable to be standing there posing in front of people when you get feedback on what you do than when it's completely silent and you have no idea of what the photographer is thinking). Music is also something that makes everything feel less 'tense', especially when shooting video. 

Anyway, here are a few images from some shoots I have done 'on the other side of the lens' during my time in England. 

Shoot ideas: 'Clean'

Later this summer I really want to do a super clean and minimalistic shoot consisting of only three colours; white, black and baby blue. The location I am planning on using is the Norwegian opera house, as it has the perfect aesthetic to match these ideas. I want to style it myself, maybe with some help, and use both pieces made by designers I know and some from shops like COS and Zara. I am really looking forward to this one and will hopefully be able to shoot some video aswell! 

Favorite photographer #2 - Kasia Bielska

Next one on the list of my favorite photographers is Kasia Bielska who has a really particular and different style to her work. The 'doll-look' you often see in her images combined with the surreal locations and props makes her images look like a mix of fine art and fashion photography, which is really interesting. Would have absolutely loved to see how she works on set/in post to make these photos happen. (click any of the images to get to her website)

Summer in Oslo

I left for England a few days ago with some friends, to spend some time in London and some in Bournemouth where we'll stay at my house for a few days. Then they're leaving and I'll have some time to see my friends in England before heading off to Germany and then Croatia before I return to Oslo. Busy summer! That's how I like it. This is a selection of photos from my weeks in Oslo, it was sunny almost every day and I loved it. Norway is definitely my favorite country when it is warm and sunny (too bad that it doesn't happen too often). 

Vianne Nguyen's Collection

This collection is made by another student from the fashion design uni Esmod, Vianne Nguyen. I love the clean silhuette of her pieces combined with unexpected twists like the long back of one of the skirts and the interesting cuts of her jackets and the dresses with the long extended threads adding that little extra. Once again I did a little video which I really enjoyed as usual. This shoot was particularly fun because the gorgeous model Shirin is also one of my closest friends!

Shoot ideas: 'Twins'

 This is something I've really wanted to do this summer; a shoot with twins - or two quite similar girls styled in the exact same way. I am planning on doing this for a shoot in August of a gorgeous collection made by a graduate Esmod student, and I really hope it will happen! 

Gihan Saad's Collection


This amazing final collection is made by Gihan Saad from Esmod (fashion design uni). We did the shoot on an amazing location here in Oslo on an incredibly hot and sunny day (felt bad putting so much clothing on the poor model, it was nearly 30 degrees and super sunny). I love experimenting with video and have decided to focus more on it now as I want to develop my skills. Being able to do both stills and video is such an important thing for photographers nowadays and it's so much fun! 

Favorite photographer #1 - Amanda Hestehave

A good way to find new photographers is through looking at editorials in fashion magazines (my favorites are Norwegian and Danish Costume, Norwegian StyleMag, British Forget Them, Dansk and Revs but I find new ones all the time) and write down the names of the ones that seems interesting. Through the last few years I have made a list of my absolute favorites, which I go through to look for inspiration. One of them is Amanda Hestehave who caught my interest first and foremost because of her clean scandinavian style that is simple but never boring. Her all-white shoot for Beate Godanger (forth image) was what mainly inspired me to do an all-white shoot myself. (click any of the images to get to her website)

Imageakademiet beauty/fashion makeup exams

These are from the fashion/beauty exams I photographed at Imageakademiet Oslo. As this kind of makeup is more related to what I mainly focus on in my work it was a really useful day for me. I was a bit sneaky and payed attention to not only the makeup looks I liked the most but also the students' personalities, which is almost as important when determining which of them I would have liked to work with. I also noticed the models, and whenever I finished shooting with someone I liked I asked for some contact details. I ended up with three makeup artists and two models' details after shooting with 34 different students with one model each. Am I picky? Well, I focused on only choosing the ones I know I would be able to create some good stuff with. I have already worked with one of them a few times and she is amazing. Networking is important, and as I have done most of my work in England so far I am focusing a lot more on finding people to collaborate with here in Oslo at the moment. 

Imageakademiet SFX exams

These were my favorites from the SFX (theatre/film makeup) exams I photographed. There were about 20 students presenting different ideas, some brilliant and others less exciting. It is incredible to see how almost anything can be created using makeup, and I am truly fascinated by many of the concepts. The theme this year was 'possessed', and each student interpreted this in a different way. 

Back in Oslo

After finishing this year of uni a few weeks ago I left Bournemouth, heading home to Oslo. I really needed a little break after working day and night for weeks finishing my projects for summer. I knew that. But I also knew that after a few days of this little break I would go crazy if I didn't have anything to work on. I know myself well enough at this point to never plan on having too much free time, as I would get way too restless. So I sent out a few emails and got myself some work. I had already arranged with Imageakademiet Oslo (a one-year makeup and styling education) to shoot their makeup artists' final exams in June (will show you the results soon) but this would only take two days so I wanted some more. I emailed Esmod (a fashion design uni here in Oslo) asking for student collections to shoot. My email got forwarded to the graduate students and three of them got back to me. I gathered some ideas for both images and video, found makeup artists and models and arranged some shoots. So much fun! Have done two of the three shoots already and it was a blast. I also just got a job for a magazine here, which is super exciting, scary and fun. Staying busy is a challenge when working free-lance, and I know it will be even more difficult in a year from now when I've graduated and really need to step it up and get myself enough work. But I do believe that it is all about initiative and hard work, which I am prepared for (I think). 

Me posing with my amazing model and friend Shirin from a shoot the other day. Will post the result soon! 

Amy Nutsford's Collection

This final collection was shot on the same day as the last one I posted (by Alice Stannard), using the same model. We wanted to create a completely different aesthetics though, to reflect the style of the collection. Love so many of these pieces and really really want them for myself (hehe). 

Alice Stannard's Collection

Alice Stannard recently graduated as a fashion designer and this is her final collection. I love her clean but also romantic outfits made out of incredibly delicate and soft fabrics. We had such a fun day shooting this and I love the soft aesthetics of the final images. I did another final collection aswell this day using the same model, but with a completely different look. Will post soon! 

Sporty Pastels

A sporty shoot with pastel coloured themes on each outfit is something I have been wanting to do for ages. That's why I jumped straight onto this concept when my friend Camille who just graduated fashion design needed a shoot to style a little while ago. It proved to be more difficult than I had imagined to get all of the clothes needed for this, and some of the items Camille ordered online didn't even arrive in time. We made the best out of it though and put together a shoot that wasn't too bad. Want to try it again some time though, with more colours and a more thought through theme. 

Demin Dinosaur

My friend Ashlie who is studying fashion design and I had talked about doing a shoot together for quite some time. Then she started planning a shoot she would style for a uni project with the concept 'denim dinosaur' (at least one denim item in each look, and a dinosaur vibe throughout the styling), and asked me to shoot it. We went down to the Beach in Bournemouth on a really windy and sunny day and did this editorial. I think it must be the most windy and also the most sandy shoot I have ever done, but it was so much fun. Hoping (an planning) to do more shoots with Ashlie in the future! 

Human Machine

This was a collaborative project with textile designer Tessa Cox. The concept was about industrial machines combined with human bodies, and we wanted to show through these images and video what happens when these are attached. So we focused on movements and layers while still keeping it simple and 'clinical'. I got a first on this project as well as on 'the tea spoon lady' (a 'first' in the UK is the same as an A) which I am obviously really happy with! 

The tea spoon lady

This project is based on the fairytale about the tea spoon lady (teskjekjerringa in norwegian) which most scandinavians probably remember from their childhood. Elements like the tea spoon, the mug in the kitchen and the bed are found in the different stories, while the main character has been interpreted in a different way. I chose a more modern, doll-like look for my tea spoon lady, and ditched the traditional colourful clothing for an all-white look. Quite happy with the final result! 

Here we go again

This is probably my tenth shot at making this blog happen. I am coming back to it once again with a plan to use it as a 'diary' with images and videos made by me as well as behind the scenes material and some inspiration. I will use it as an additional 'sketchbook' and present my ideas and results. And I will post in english as that is the language I normally use when writing about my own work, and also because it lets anyone who wants to read this able to, not only norwegians. Let's hope it lasts longer than a week this time. I will start by doing some posts on my most recent projects, and then we'll see how much further it goes (I am hopeful!) 



Designer Tessa Cox / Sminke & hår Alice Nuttall & Emma Freeman / Modell Emma Townsend

Dette er en testvideo til et av prosjektene jeg jobber med:) 


The Morning After - Video

Clothes by Camille Bennett / Model Emma Townsend / MUA Samantha Hutchings / Hair Jessica Hutchings 

The Morning After





Clothes by Camille BennettModel Emma TownsendMUA Samantha HutchingsHair Jessica Hutchings 

In motion

Kjole laget av Hanna Christie / Modell Trine Staver / MUA Svetlana Naumova

Niqe designs

Tights and styling by Niqe designs / Model Lucy Rose Bolton

Abstract flowergirl

Lekte litt med et bilde fra gårsdagens shoot for et nyoppstartet strømpebuksemerke. Hva synes du?

Nytt prosjekt

Modell: Therese Fidje / MUA: Samantha Hutchings

Er i gang med nytt prosjekt, og hadde en veldig morsom testshoot i går! Jobbet med en sminkør jeg ikke har jobbet med tidligere, og hun viste seg å være veldig flink og god å samarbeide med. Her er et av bildene, hva synes du?

Just started a new project, and had a super fun test shoot yesterday! Worked with the talented makeup artist Samantha, who I've never worked with before. She proved to be really good and also nice to work with. Here is one of the pictures, what do you think?


Idea, concept, styling and props: Tabitha Babcock / Model: Alex Ray Bagnall / Photography assistant: Jonny Baker / Assistant: Coby Hansen

Tok bilder til en venninnes prosjekt her om dagen. Hun hadde utrolig spennende ideer basert på en bok, og helte både maling og falskt blod over modellen i tillegg til å ha skaffet ekte buffalohorn! Synes det ble veldig kult. 


Bournemouth - London - Bournemouth - London - Oslo - Bournemouth - London - Bournemouth. Sånn har den siste måneden sett ut. Jeg har vært i London hver eneste helg untatt den ene helgen jeg bestemte meg for å ta en tur til Norge. Trengte en pause fylt med familie, venner og SNØ. Dro til og med på skitur! Herlig.