I have moved

Last days in Oslo

Enjoying the last days of Christmas break, trying to prepare myself to go back to uni. Wee

Home for christmas

I've been back in Oslo for about a week now. It is so beautiful, and so damn cold. The city isn't as bad as the rest of the country though.. we're planning on visiting my grandparents tomorrow, and there has been around -20 there lately. -20! I think I've spent too much time in England, as I actually find it freezing when it's -10. Better wrap up.

Anyway, I am actually quite proud right now, as I've just finished the first complete draft from my dissertation. 5113 words, about of them 1500 written over the last week. Even though it IS a real struggle, I am starting to enjoy the writing process a tiny bit. Writing academic English used to be a huge challenge, something that made me nervous and that I didn't like. I just wanted to get it over with. Last year I wrote a 4000 words essay, and I hated it. I didn't like the topic, I wasn't interested in the books I read and just couldn't figure it out. This year however, I am actually finding it really interesting and I honestly enjoy the feeling of writing about a topic that I barely knew anything about a few months ago, knowing that at this point I actually (kind of, to some extent) know that I'm talking about.

What stresses me out though, is that even though I have finished my first draft of my dissertation, I yet have a 2000 words specialist practice report to get started on. Due on the 8th of January. Which is a few days after I arrive back in Bournemouth. Have to start, in other words. Soon.

...but something fun is coming up too, luckily. Some time this week (hopefully on Wednesday) I have a shoot planned. Which I am super excited about. Wooh.

Silent Souls

An editorial I did in Oslo earlier this fall is featured in NeverLazy magazine's winter 2014 issue which is finally out! So nice to see my images in such a good magazine, really excited :) See the issue and the editorial here!

The Invisible Island

Stylist: Kristian stvik
Makeup and hair: Samantha Hutchings and Jessica Hutchings
Models: Laura-Giselle Hardie and Katie Louise Turner
Assistants: Maria Stavang and Penelope Freeman
Here is a video I have made for one of my recent photography projects. I also did a still-image editorial which I am more happy with to be completely honest, but I will not yet be able to post those online. Deadline day is coming up (next Monday) but I am almost done with everything so feeling quite prepared! Will be posting about something exciting that happened today later!

In water

I got to shoot the work of two very talented artists the other day; clothing designer Sanna and jewelry designer Margot behind the brand HaiDesign. I borrowed elements from one of my other projects on this shoot to connect them, as the jewelry is being used in both. I am so excited to post my images from the other projects I have been working on for so long but have to wait a bit longer. Getting up at 7 tomorrow for another fun shoot, so got to sleep now. Will try my best to do some more updates soon as I have been really bad lately. Less than two weeks left in England before going home for christmas now!

So busy

My adventurous models going for a little swim during our test shoot (not really though. they would probably freeze off their toes. Through we did actually see a couple of people in the water that day. CRAZY ENGLISHMEN)

One of the very few things England have that Norway doesn't: palm trees

Shopping for one of my shoots

On set of one of my final shoots. Excited to be able to show some more of this later on!

My stylist Kristian at work

Me shooting

Sneak peek!

Beautiful Diane on a little test shoot with me by the beach

Beautiful Diane again (still by the beach)

From my other final shoot that was yesterday at Durdle Door

My lovely assistant Maria on set yesterday

One of the (very few) nights out I have had during the last few weeks. Feels good to have a little break once in a while but as I don't have time to be hungover at the moment they have to be done quite soberly. Which is completely fine when in such nice company!

(images from my instagram account @odabeide)

OH. MY. GOD. I am so busy. Right now I am supposed to be in bed reading books for my dissertation (=bacheloroppgave p norsk) but I am finally taking some time off to write a post. My friend reminded me of it earlier today (or was it yesterday? my head is spinning) which made me suddenly remember that I have actually got a blog and that I had promised myself to update it often. I actually did, for a while. But then I got busy... I do actually love being busy, especially with photography work as it is what I love to do. But there are always those days when you wake up and would do almost anything to be able to stay in bed for a bit longer. Especially those days when you have slept for about 3 hours a night for a few weeks.

But oh well. I have finished my final shoots for my projects which is kind of a relief but also stressful as I never know whether the results are good enough or not. I feel quite confident, but you never know. When I say I am finished with final shoots you might think that I don't have any more work to do for a little while. Well, that would have been kind of true if it wasn't for the fact that #1 post production takes weeks (not even kidding, I do not only about 700 images for each shoot but also about an hour of video footage. All of this needs to be looked through and the best parts have to be picked out, then retouched, then printed off/uploaded), #2 I still have to read about 10-15 more books for my dissertation and then actually write it (5000 words), #3 as the workoholic I am I have already planned to photograph two different makeup projects, two fashion projects and model for two more projects in the next couple of weeks.

I need to go to bed and read now. Bye.

Right now

Things finally seem to come together for my projects, which makes me a bit less stressed than what I have been lately. I have been sick with the flu and in a state of something inbetween overly stressed and insane (my mind) and unconcious (my body). I am finally feeling better physically which helps a lot mentally as I can finally get on with my work and also finally go to the gym again (I'm actually addicted to exercise during stressful periods as it's my way of clearing my mind and staying sane).

Also, my friend Andrea is coming to visit me this coming weekend which is going to be awesome and a nice little break from everything. Yay!

Impression of chills

As I am doing a short video in addition to still images for one of my current projects, I need to look at different videos for inspiration. I came across this one the other day and I literally couldn't stop watching it.So stunning!


Often when I have shoots and other stuff going on I tend to update my facebook page more frequently as it takes me a lot less time and energy than creating a blog post does. So if you are interested in seeing more images and being updated while I'm 'on the go' feel free to like my Facebook page! (or my instagram account for more personal updates: @odabeide)

Makeup project

I'm working on a new and fun project with a makeup artist right now, which involves re-creating different characters from old playing cards in a contemporary way. Here are some images from a little test shoot we did the other day, playing around with ideas of poses, lighting and styling. Fun!

New bag

I have been looking for what seems like ages for a perfect sized bag that is solid enough to handle my heavy camera and all of my research folders for uni and also fit my (really small) student budget. I finally found this and it's awesome. And the best part is that it is from Zara and only cost me 40 pounds!

Bits and pieces

Woods and trees are probably some of the things I miss the most about Norway when I'm here in England (well, except from my friends, family and Norwegian chocolate). There is a little 'park/forest' between where I live and the Bournemouth town centre, and that little bit of nature actually gives me so much. Almost like being home for a little bit.

The preparations for one of my test shoots (the image below) included smashing a mirror into pieces. Better hope it doesn't bring me bad luck.

These pancakes must be one of the dishes I eat the most. They are really easy to make, quite healthy and OH SO GOOD.

Got myself some new gym shoes the other day and I love them so much already.

Some more shopping (hehe). Didn't buy the sweater though, just the bag.

London (old picture from months ago). My friend Andrea is coming all the way from Copenhagen to visit me in a few days, and we're planning on spending a day in London. Miss and love this city so much.

Magic Mirrors

This is from a test for one of my current projects. I am working with mirrors and other reflective objects and so far it has been really good! Hope the final result turns out amazing.


Got creative in Photoshop the other day and turned Laura into stone.

Getting colder


Had my first proper test shoot for one of my projects the other day, with the beautiful Patricia and the rest of my nice and talented team!

Pure II

Some more images of beautiful Tabitha in her apartment from last week.


Did a little shoot with my beautiful housemate the other day. She was one of the first people I got to know here in England when I moved here to years ago, as we lived next to each other in the university student halls at that time. I still remember knocking on her door for the first time, introducing myself in my heavy norwegian accent and then all of a sudden we were friends. We moved in together for our second year and still live in the same house now. I am so grateful for having her in my life.

Space Jam

As I've mentioned before I'm in my third and last year of university and graduating next summer. Each year BA Commercial Photography does a graduate exhibition at the end of third year to show off student work - something I will be part of now. As this is something we students are organizing we need to do fundraising beforehand to be able to pay for it all (renting a gallery, framing our work, promoting it all etc etc). We are therefore doing different events like parties, clothes and cake sales. Space Jam is one of these events and is a space themed club night. We had our first one the other week and it went so well! I got the job as videographer for the night and put together a little video which you can watch here if you want:

...and if you happen to be interested THISis our the facebook page

Them disposables

Random set of images from the last few months. I love keeping 'physical memories', therefore I try to shoot on disposable and polaroid cameras as much as I can. Have to invest in a photo album asap as I already have boxes full of images stacked up in my room.


Tabitha and I recently discovered that her living room is perfect for shoots as it has a big window which lets in beautiful light and nice white walls - which is basically everything I need. We did some images there the other day and this is one of them. Will show you guys some more later - have a lot on my mind and loads to get done at the moment.


Photos by Hanna Christie

Surrounded by inspiration

Right now what I need is to be surrounded by inspiration, inspiration and more inspiration. So I decided to re-decorate my room. I stripped my walls of pictures and my shelves of unnecessary stuff, printed inspirational images and quotes and put that up. All of my pictures of friends and family have been put into boxes and now I'm gonna find some albums to put them into. As I'll only be living here for less than another year I would have to do something with them at some point anyway, so I decided to start now. I want books of memories that I can flip through whenever I want, as I think 'physical' memories are so much nicer than just facebook photos on a screen. Will show you the results later!


Today was not a good day.

This girl made it all a lot better though. We took some photos that I will show you guys later.

Test shoots and such

I am in the planning and testing phase of my projects right now, which is in one way one of the most fun and exciting parts and in another one of the most insecure and scary ones. I am building the foundation of my work for this term, and though I am focused on doing as well as I can now I can not really know how things will turn out until I have tried. My ideas for these projects are a bit different, and if I make it work I think the results could be awesome. If they don't work out though, I will have to start over on something else which is part of the process but often feels like a step backwards. Anyways, right now my focus is on the first shoots and I am excited to get started, already have a team with me consisting of a model, two makeup artists, one stylist and one assistant. All super nice and talented people so this should be good. I always keep my tests and shoots to myself in the beginning of the process but I will put up some behind the scenes material here as a little sneak peek, once I've started shooting in a few days. The image above is by Ivan Bideac by the way and I love it so much. I even put it up on my little inspiration board on my wall (have re-decorated my room and put up some inspo, will show some pictures of that later).

Hanna III

Recognize this lovely lady? These images were done right before I left for England, we had such a nice day hanging out in Oslo and taking some pictures.

These next few days will finally be filled with shooting again. Tomorrow and Saturday I will be doing some fun shoots with friends and on Sunday and next Tuesday will be the first 'proper' test shoots for my projects (will tell you more about that later). I will also post some photos from an event my course arranged the other night to fundraise for our grad show next summer which was so much fun. Stay tuned!


Time is moving so fast but yet so slowly. I am in a situation where I'm constantly stressed because I feel that I should be spending my time wisely and be more effective in order to get things done but at the same time find myself just hanging out and getting basically nothing done way too often. I can not seem to push myself out of it and focus on what I should be focusing on which is stressful. Because I feel that time is running out while I am standing still.


Here are some behind the scenes images from a recent shoot I did with the talented designer Karolina Kamola. Today I got an email from a magazine I submitted the images to a few days ago and they want to feature them in their next issue, yay! Therefore I unfortunately can not post the images anywhere as they can't be shown until the magazine issue is out in December. So here is a little sneak peek of it!

Self portrait 11/9/11

I looked through my blog archive today and found this old self portrait from September 2011. I never posted it then, so I thought I would now. Don't even remember what it is about or where the idea came from which is kind of funny and kind of weird at the same time.


...this is true.

Paul Jung

Paul Jung is one of the most fascinating photographers I know. Just like Kasia Bielska who I've written about before he has this surreal feel to his images though these are a bit more 'human' than hers. The crops of his images must be one of the most interesting things about them and I really want to explore his kind of shooting a bit more. Some of the images would have been quite simple and normal if it wasn't for his choice of posing the model and cropping of the frame.

By the window

Photos by Hanna Christie

Iris Bjork & Camilla Sverdrup

Love this so much. The simplicity, the angles, the lighting and the styling. Shot byIris Bjorkand styled byCamilla Sverdrup.


I think about time a lot. To me it seems like one of the most important things we've got, and it is so important to not waste it. On one hand this could mean that we should try fitting as much as possible into our days, weeks and years to be able to look back and know that we've done stuff. Looking at it differently though, doing stuff might not be the ultimate goal if the stuff we do don't actually make us feel happy as we do them. Figuring out what actually makes us really happy can seem like the most difficult thing and we might not even be able to do it, but I believe that the search for this in itself is a really important part of one's journey.


Photos by Hanna Christie

Catharina Pavitschitz

This is genious. I loveCatharina Pavitschitz's work so much.

Hanna II

Viviane Sassen for ACNE FW14


I love Viviane Sassen and her campaigns for ACNE (which I also love btw). This one is really different from the previous ones but I still really like it.


Photos by Hanna Christie

We played around with an old wide angle lens I've got the other day, which was a lot of fun. It is completely different from the lens I normally use which is a 50mm 1.4 one. Think it created a quite cool effect though!


I am trying to convince Hanna to get a blog for herself, but in the meantime I'll post some images of her on here as she looks faaab. This is from a walk in Oslo the other day after meeting up at her uni where she is studying fashion design. She is in the process of making me a skirt at the moment actually, which is so much fun! It's almost like I've got my own personal designer.

Keeps me going

I know quotes like these are kind of clich. But sometimes you just need to hear it. That no one else really knows what they're doing either. That you are not the only one who makes mistakes. That other people feel confused sometimes too. And that the most important thing is to keep going.

In the streets of Oslo

Photos by Hanna Christie

I met up with my friend Hanna the other day (who I've written about before) and took some pictures in Oslo. This 'outfit photos' thing isn't something I've done much but it is always fun trying something new. The images I did of her will be up soon!


It's not long until I'll be on my way to England again now. I'm starting my third and last year on Commercial Photography at The Arts University Bournemouth. I see this as an extremely important year for me as this will determine what happens next for me. We will be doing mostly practical projects like we normally do, which means that we will be planning, executing and presenting photography/video projects. In my case this means different fashion editorials with different concepts, stories and themes.

When I started at AUB two years ago I didn't really know my own style professionally. I had done a lot of shoots and also some video, which was what got me into the university. But during our first projects it was all experimentation. I would say that the first 1,5 years was just testing, developing and more testing. After last christmas something had happened. My next projects suddenly felt like 'me', like I actually knew what I wanted and what I was doing. I was not just playing around, but actually building my own style and my own brand. And that is where I am right now. I still have a long way to go, I need to polish both my technical skills and make my visual voice stand out more, be more interesting and even more 'me'. But it is really nice to feel that I have developed from where I was two years ago and gotten better at what I love to do.

I thought it would be fun to look through some of my old work, so I went back to my old folders and found some work I did the year before I started uni. This was what I used to apply and get into my course. Comparing it to my newest work is fun as I feel like I can see 'me' in it all but in very different ways. Here it goes...

First some old work. These were all done during the year before I started uni, about three years ago:

And then here is some of my new work, from 2014:

Looking at this I see some of the same use of colour and expressions amongst other things. There's still a lot of room for improvements in the last set though and I am really excited to challenge myself even more this coming year!

Featured in Dreamingless magazine

Got some work featured in the September issue of Dreamingless magazine! Also got my images on the front and back cover which is so much fun. See the whole magazine HERE and the whole editorials HERE and HERE.


I'm obsessed with textures, patterns and structures like these. I don't really know why it fascinates me but I think it is beautiful and have therefore used it a lot in my work already, and also plan on doing it more. The shapes and colours shaped by nature (like most of the ones above) are by far the nicest looking ones and I have more than once brought my camera around outside looking for treasures like these. It is amazing how much beauty we can find if we just look properly.

We hide

We hide our faces of consumerism. Show me yours and I'll show you mine


As a photographer I do a lot of different jobs. Fashion is my main passion but I also really enjoy some portrait and event jobs once in a while. The other day I did some images for a journalist here in Oslo, to be used on his new website. Our location for the day was the Norwegian Opera, and it was such a wonderful, sunny day.


Through the beginning of this summer we were in the process of moving into our apartment in Oslo, and I did never really have my own room to myself. I have never been very connected to/dependent on particular places but I realised after a while that living out of my suitcase and some IKEA bags gave me a feeling of chaos that I bothered me.

In the house I am sharing with my friends in England my room is the smallest, and not only that, it is actually tiny. This was something I agreed on from the start as I wanted to save some money and didn't really think it would be a problem for me as I've lived in small rooms before. But after a year of it I realised that it did actually have an impact and that it does actually matter.

Having finally moved into a really nice and big room in Oslo have made me realise how nice it is to have this space all to myself. To have a big bed, my own desk with enough space, enough space to organize my clothes and things feels really good. To have somewhere to actually spend time with enough space to breathe means more than I thought.

I am excited to get back to England, see my friends and start my third and last year of uni. But I am not excited to be back in my tiny room. Luckily I have plenty of other places I can be and I also plan on going to London a lot. This I will tell you more about later.

How do you feel about places? Do you need your own space?

New business cards

I love making things like this. Graphic design has always been one of my biggest interests besides photography, and I really enjoy designing websites, magazines, books and marketing material such as business cards, which is something I always carry with me just in case I meet a potential client/someone to collaborate with in the future. Playing around with different designs and images is so much fun, and this time I have mixed it up a bit by trying out the square format in stead of the credit card sized one I went for the last time. I think this slightly different look makes them stand out a bit!

What do you guys think? Which one's your favorite?